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Pumi dogs have personality and intelligence

The Pumi Dog is the Coolest Breed You’ve Never Heard Of

When you think about dog breeds, you probably rattle off some of the most common and popular breeds. Even in the Herding Group, you'll think of dozens of dogs you've seen on television or out on competition. But what about the Pumi dog? This up and coming cutie is gaining on the charts - even if you haven't heard of it until today!
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My dog's nose is dry

What Does it Mean When a Dog’s Nose is Dry? When to Worry

The Old Wives' Tale states that a dog's nose is supposed to be cold and wet if they're healthy. But it turns out your dog can have a warm, dry nose and have nothing wrong with them. So when should you be worried if your dog's nose is dry?
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Holistic dog food is a new trend in canine nutrition

Holistic Dog Food: A Trend or A Healthy Approach To Feeding Your Dog?

Everyone wants to eat healthier these days. And they want the same for their favorite furry friends. If you've heard about holistic dog food and wanted to know more, we have the details.
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Law-abiding dog in Russia

Law-Abiding Dog Shows Why Dogs Are Better Than Humans

Dogs are often intelligent. But what about pups with the ability to exhibit law-abiding capability? Stray dogs in Russia are doing just that - and we have the videos to prove it!
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Logar's swollen head - before and after

Dog with Extremely Swollen Head Makes Unbelievable Recovery

When you see pictures on the internet, you have to take them with a grain of salt. So many are PhotoShopped. But when you deal with snake bites, swelling can get extremely serious as poor Logar found out.
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Dr. Pilley and Chaser - the dog that knows over 1,000 words

How One Man Taught His Dog to Recognize Over 1,000 Words

You probably think your dog's smart - or at least clever. But how many words does your dog recognize? Five? Ten? Twenty? How about over 1,000? Chaser, the World's Smartest Dog knows 1,022 words!
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A dog with eight iPhones?

Dog with Eight iPhone 7s Wants You to Know that She’s Better Than You

You probably go out of your way to make sure your dog has everything they need. And maybe you spoil them now and then. But have you ever considered buying your dog an iPhone? How about EIGHT of them?
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Shiloh risked her health to protect Bryson from a snake bite

Dog Sacrifices Neck (Literally) to Save Toddler from Snake

We love our dogs, and we hope they love us. And every now and then, we're treated to a story that proves how much they care. Such as when they put themselves between us and certain danger.
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Robot vacuums and dog poop don't mix

Roomba Finally Meets an Unexpected Match: Dog Poop

Everyone loves their robot vacuums. They save time and energy. But there are some things they're NOT designed to handle - as one family found out one night in 2016.
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Dogs understand humans better than we may have thought

Your Dog Understands Your Emotions Better Than You Think

Ever sit around and wonder why your dog was staring at you?  Has your dog gotten excited when you’re excited or sad and depressed when
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