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Retractable dog gates can keep your dog from dangerous areas

Retractable Dog Gates: Keeping Canines Safe and Secure

If you have a new puppy or an adventurous dog, you're probably familiar with dog gates. They can bar entry to areas of the house. But not every gate is easy to cope with. Some are heavy to lift out of the way. Others you have to step over all the time. And if you want to move one out of the way? Tension poles can get tricky. That's where retractable dog gates come in handy. And we have some of the top options on the market.
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Dog-proof trash cans keep your pup safe and your house clean

Dog-Proof Trash Cans: Foiling Sneaky Garbage Hounds

No one wants to come home and find the contents of their trash scattered over the floor. But worse is stumbling upon a very sick dog. Plenty of things in the garbage can pose a hazard to curious canines. With dog-proof trash cans, you can solve both problems - while keeping your house looking great at the same time!
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The best dog movies leave you feeling brighter and happier

Best Dog Movies: 22 Films for You and Your Canine to Share

When you've had a rough day, nothing beats curling up on the couch with a good movie. And when your favorite dog snuggles up beside you, the day's complete. So why not turn on one of the best dog movies so both of you can enjoy the flick? We've collected to top dog movies for everyone, so you're sure to find a film - no matter your mood.
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Dogs and sleep are often tricky questions for owners

How Many Hours a Day Do Dogs Sleep? (Letting Sleeping Dogs Lie)

Every time you look up, your dog's asleep. How many hours are dogs supposed to sleep? Can a dog sleep TOO much? Do dogs and sleep needs change as they age? Are there sleep disorders in canines? We have all of these answers to your dogs and sleep questions - so YOU can sleep easy at night.
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Leash training is an important step in a dog's life

Leash Training: Making Walks as Peaceful (and Fun) as Possible

Even if your dog spends most of their outdoor time in the backyard, you may still need to venture out in public now and then. You take vacations, go to vet visits, and ae trips around the neighborhood. For your dog's safety - and your own - it's important to have proper leash-training checked off. And while it may sound complicated, it's actually an easy process. With patience, a store of treats, and this handy primer, we'll have you and your pup strolling the sidewalks in no time.
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Dog growth depends on many factors

When Do Dogs Stop Growing? Will My Puppy Stay Small Forever?

You picked up a new puppy, and you know you'll need to upgrade their harness, bowls, and toys eventually - but when? How fast do puppies grow? And when do they finish? There are theories about the size of paws, but are they accurate? As it turns out, dog growth is dependent on quite a few different factors. Let's explore them and get you some answers.
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Puppy-proofing your home will keep your new little dog safe from harm

Puppy-Proofing Your House to Keep Your New Cuddle Bug Safe

New puppies in a home mean a lot of excitement. But they also entail some work - and worry. Cats aren't the only curious species. If you don't take the time to work through puppy-proofing your home (inside AND out), you may find yourself working on bonding with your new four-footed family member at the vet's office. And that's no fun for anyone. Good thing we have all of the puppy-proofing advice you'll need.
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Dog training books can help your pup with a variety of situations

Dog Training Books to Get Your Pup on The Right Path

Whether you want to start housebreaking your new puppy, improve socialization with a rescue, or work on new tricks with your faithful canine of many years, dog training books can walk you through the process. They allow you to move at your pace (or your pup's), with helpful hints and clear images to follow. And you often get helpful insight into the canine mind that lets you understand what your dog's thinking - something that makes training much easier.
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Preparing for a puppy takes a lot of careful thought

Preparing for a Puppy Checklist: Getting off on the Right Paw

You've fallen in love with the sweetest face in the entire world. That part's easy. Making sure you're ready to bring that puppy into your life and home? That's a little more complicated. Preparing for a puppy means going down a long checklist. You need to ensure you're covering every possible need for your new furry loved one - and your peace of mind! Good thing we've got that checklist laid out for you!
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Dog toy storage helps you wrangle all your pup's toys in one place

Dog Toy Storage: Keeping up with the Playful Clutter

Does walking across the floor in your house feel a little like an obstacle course? You need to warn guests to watch where they step to avoid squeaky toys, half-chewed bones, and soggy tennis balls. Maybe you've even tripped over a frisbee in the middle of the night. You don't want to deny your pup their beloved toys, but the scatter needs to go. How about looking into one of these dog toy storage options?
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