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High-Fiber cat foods aren't always what you think

High-Fiber Cat Foods: Beneficial Change or Potential Feline Complication?

Cats are obligate carnivores. However, owners have often turned to high-fiber cats foods - rich in plant fiber - to try to manage common feline problems. And while the logic seems sound, you may not be helping your favorite feline the way you think. We'll explain and provide the top high-fiber cat foods you can offer your cat.
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Automatic litter boxes make this stinky chore easier to manage

Automatic Litter Boxes: Taking the Time Out of the Chore

Who enjoys scooping out a smelly litter box? No one. But your cat depends on you to keep their box clean and smelling fresh. One of the easiest solutions is switching to an automatic litter box. These self-cleaning, robotic options do the work for you. However, they come with a few snags. If you're interested in making the change, read up on all of the information with us first.
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Scottish Fold Munchkin cats are beyond adorable

Scottish Fold Munchkin Kittens – 15 Pictures for You to Love

Kittens tug at the heartstrings and make you want to snatch them up and snuggle for hours. But what if I told you about a
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Heated cat beds are feline favorites

Everything You Need to Know About Heated Cat Beds

Where's your cat's favorite sleeping spot? In the sunlight? By the radiator vent? On your lap? Cats love heat. And keeping them toasty is as simple as picking up a heated cat bed. We'll explain why and provide some top choices.
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Peter Cohen built a dream home for his cats

How One Man Built a Dream Home for His 22 Cats

Everyone wants to give their pets the best of everything. Peter Cohen took that desire a step further. He built a dream home for the 22 rescue cats he lives with. And you need to see the house to believe it!
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Atchoum: Is he a cat or dog?

The Internet Needs to Know: Is This a Dog or a Cat?

Maybe you're tired of seeing the usual internet illusion posts all over social media. "What color is this to you?" "Can you figure out what's wrong with this picture?" But nothing beats adorable animals - especially when no one can decide - is the image of a dog or cat?
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British Banquet creates an expensive cat food

World’s Most Expensive Cat Food Contains Caviar, Lobster, and Quinoa

Your cat may be a picky eater. But have you ever considered treating them to a meal of lobster, caviar, and quinoa? The most expensive cat food in the world contains those very ingredients!
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Kira the cat trying to catch a baseball from the TV during the 2016 World Series

Cubs? Indians? No, a Cat is the Best Story of the 2016 World Series

The 2016 World Series meant everything to some baseball fans. And to one cat named Kira, it was the highlight of her night. We have all of the details.
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Cat behavior isn't the same as dog behavior

Your Cat Thinks You’re a Crazy Primate: Understanding Cat Behavior

Some of the things our cats do drive us crazy. And trying to communicate between our two species? That can seem impossible. But there's a reason: we're THAT different. And studies prove we might as well come from different planets.
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Pipes the kitten wearing a sock as a turtleneck

Kitten Wearing a Sock Like a Turtleneck Sweater is the Cutest Thing Ever

Who would think something as simple as a sock could turn into a healing garment? Well, if you're a kitten, it can!
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