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Vegan dog treats are great ways to introduce fruits and vegetables

Vegan Dog Treats: Snack Options from the Fruit and Veggie Aisle

The debate on whether dogs are carnivores or omnivores may still continue among dog owners, but there's no question that canines enjoy some fruits and veggies in their diet. Turning your dog into a vegetarian is almost impossible, but introducing vegan dog treats ISN'T. Best of all, pups enjoy these delicious snacks. They get a healthy infusion of their daily greens without even knowing it! And we have the best vegan dog treats on the market.
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Dogs rolling in poop is one of the greatest canine mysteries

Dogs Rolling in Poop: The Mystery That Baffles Even Scientists

Why is it dogs rolling poop happens at the most inconvenient times? Not that you ever WANT your dog to dive into a pile of feces, but they usually wait until you've given them a bath, scheduled company to come over, or spread a fresh load of laundry on the couch. It's one of the worst habits of the canine world. Even worse, no one quite understands the drive behind it! There are plenty of interesting theories, though, so why not take a look through them?
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Dogs eating cat poop is one of their more frustrating habits

Dogs Eating Cat Poop: Why ARE They So Fascinated?

Dogs and cats often share households. It's wonderful to have a happy home where everyone gets along. Your two furry friends snuggle together, play, and they may even sit down together in the kitchen at mealtimes. Sometimes, though, your dog takes the sharing a little too far. Dogs eating cat poop is one of the biggest frustration in mixed species homes. It's so gross! Why do they do it? And how do you stop it? We'll let you know all the answers.
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Dog growth depends on many factors

Dog Growth: When Will My Puppy Finish Growing?

You picked up a new puppy, and you know you'll need to upgrade their harness, bowls, and toys eventually - but when? How fast do puppies grow? And when do they finish? There are theories about the size of paws, but are they accurate? As it turns out, dog growth is dependent on quite a few different factors. Let's explore them and get you some answers.
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Dogs eating dirt often puzzles us

Dogs Eating Dirt: What This Weird – and Gross – Habit Means

You provide nothing but the best, high-quality dog food for your favorite canine. So why do they come back with a muzzle covered in dirt and mud half the time? You don't want to take it as a criticism of your "cooking," but what else could it mean? Dogs eating dirt often troubles owners. If you struggle with this same question, look no further. We have the answers you're looking for.
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Puppy-proofing your home will keep your new little dog safe from harm

Puppy-Proofing Your House to Keep Your New Cuddle Bug Safe

New puppies in a home mean a lot of excitement. But they also entail some work - and worry. Cats aren't the only curious species. If you don't take the time to work through puppy-proofing your home (inside AND out), you may find yourself working on bonding with your new four-footed family member at the vet's office. And that's no fun for anyone. Good thing we have all of the puppy-proofing advice you'll need.
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Dog training books can help your pup with a variety of situations

Dog Training Books to Get Your Pup on The Right Path

Whether you want to start housebreaking your new puppy, improve socialization with a rescue, or work on new tricks with your faithful canine of many years, dog training books can walk you through the process. They allow you to move at your pace (or your pup's), with helpful hints and clear images to follow. And you often get helpful insight into the canine mind that lets you understand what your dog's thinking - something that makes training much easier.
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