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Dog with Eight iPhone 7s Wants You to Know that She’s Better Than You

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China’s richest man, Wang Jianlin, built up his fortune by constructing apartment buildings, malls, and movie theaters.  He’s now worth over $14 billion, which puts him among the 200 richest people in the world.  While he may enjoy the fruits of his labor through his luxury lifestyle, it’s his son’s dog that is really living the good life.

Wang’s only son Sicong has an Alaskan Malamute dog named Coco. Sicong regularly features Coco on Weibo, a Chinese microblogging site similar to Twitter.  Sicong is apparently on a mission to piss off every non-billionaire in China (and the world) by posting pictures of Coco with luxuries that she can’t even use or appreciate.

In 2015, Coco was featured wearing two new Apple iWatches in pictures that gracefully say, “I’m so rich I’m willing to throw money away literally.”

Coco displaying her two iWatches

Yes, a Husky with two technological gadgets

And she's pretty calm about it

But Sicong escalated his disdain for thriftiness to new levels when he posted pictures of Coco with not one, not two, but EIGHT new iPhone 7s!  We’re pretty sure that one iPhone would be totally wasted on this dog without opposable thumbs or the ability to understand language.  But Sicong doesn’t care.  Apparently, when you are the only son of someone worth $14 billion, no luxury for your dog can be spared.

Here are the inglorious pictures:

Coco with her stack of iPhones

In black and pink, no less

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