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Petunias are cat-friendly flowers you can keep in your garden

Cat-Friendly Flowers and Plants to Brighten Your Home

You love having flowers and plants around your home, but you also have inquisitive cats. You don't want your cat to end up in the hospital from an accidental poisoning. Not to fear! We have a list of cat-friendly flowers and plants to brighten your home and garden - while keeping kitty safe and sound.
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Outdoor cat houses work for anyone feline that goes outside

Outdoor Cat Houses to Keep Kitties Cozy in Your Yard

Not all cats are homebodies. Some enjoy jaunts outside, others spend most of their lives outside, and other, such as barn cats and ferals, prefer the outdoor life. However, the outdoors can be rough. Outdoor cat houses provide little pockets of safety and comfort for the patrolling feline.
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"How much should I feed my cat?" is a common question

How Much Should I Feed My Cat? Proper Feline Feeding Amounts

While cute - and a common source for memes - a roly-poly cat isn't healthy. You want to make sure your cat gets the right balance of calories and nutrition. So if you ever find yourself asking the question, "How much should I feed my cat?" We have the answers.
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