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How to register an emotional support animal is important information

How to Register an Emotional Support Animal: The Truth

Emotional support animals have featured in the news - for good and bad reasons. ESAs provide a valuable service for their owners. Fraudulent websites make a lot of claims regarding "proper registration," and not all of them are the same. So what is the proper way to obtain and "register" your ESA?
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Glenda Delauder left her fortune to an animal shelter

How One Woman Left Her Entire Fortune to an Animal Shelter

The news is often full of stories about wealthy individuals leaving their fortunes to various crazy causes. Bu Glenda DeLawder decided to make a difference when she passed. And animal lovers the world over cheered her compassion.
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Peter Cohen built a dream home for his cats

How One Man Built a Dream Home for His 22 Cats

Everyone wants to give their pets the best of everything. Peter Cohen took that desire a step further. He built a dream home for the 22 rescue cats he lives with. And you need to see the house to believe it!
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Dogs are part of the family - or are they?

No, Your Dog isn’t Part of the Family: One Troubling Legal Case

If you ask most pet owners, they'll assure you their cats and dogs are part of the family. But in some court cases over "parental rights," judges aren't seeing the same things you may.
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Law-abiding dog in Russia

Law-Abiding Dog Shows Why Dogs Are Better Than Humans

Dogs are often intelligent. But what about pups with the ability to exhibit law-abiding capability? Stray dogs in Russia are doing just that - and we have the videos to prove it!
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Atchoum: Is he a cat or dog?

The Internet Needs to Know: Is This a Dog or a Cat?

Maybe you're tired of seeing the usual internet illusion posts all over social media. "What color is this to you?" "Can you figure out what's wrong with this picture?" But nothing beats adorable animals - especially when no one can decide - is the image of a dog or cat?
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Logar's swollen head - before and after

Dog with Extremely Swollen Head Makes Unbelievable Recovery

When you see pictures on the internet, you have to take them with a grain of salt. So many are PhotoShopped. But when you deal with snake bites, swelling can get extremely serious as poor Logar found out.
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British Banquet creates an expensive cat food

World’s Most Expensive Cat Food Contains Caviar, Lobster, and Quinoa

Your cat may be a picky eater. But have you ever considered treating them to a meal of lobster, caviar, and quinoa? The most expensive cat food in the world contains those very ingredients!
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Kira the cat trying to catch a baseball from the TV during the 2016 World Series

Cubs? Indians? No, a Cat is the Best Story of the 2016 World Series

The 2016 World Series meant everything to some baseball fans. And to one cat named Kira, it was the highlight of her night. We have all of the details.
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Dr. Pilley and Chaser - the dog that knows over 1,000 words

How One Man Taught His Dog to Recognize Over 1,000 Words

You probably think your dog's smart - or at least clever. But how many words does your dog recognize? Five? Ten? Twenty? How about over 1,000? Chaser, the World's Smartest Dog knows 1,022 words!
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