Extremely Swollen Headed Dog Makes Unbelievable Recovery

Usually when we talk about swollen headed people, we’re talking about people with a sense of inflated pride.  But for one dog in Fairmont, West Virginia, becoming swollen headed had a totally different meaning – a completely literal one.  A snake bit Logar the dog on the neck and his head exploded to the size of a watermelon, making him seem like he had been Photoshopped to look like the reflection of a fun house mirror.  In fact, people even accused Pet Helpers, the animal shelter that nursed Logar back to health, of Photoshopping the image for promotional purposes.  Look at Logar’s face when they took him in:

Logar the dog with a head blown up from a snake bite
Credit: Facebook / Pet Helpers

Unfortunately, the picture wasn’t Photoshopped and Logar’s problems were real, however unbelievable.  As Pet Helpers put it in the comments section of the post, “I can assure you that we have more important things to do than Photoshop photos to post. Photoshop doesn’t cause a temperature or need IVs, antibiotics or steriods.”

Pet Helpers said that Logar (the name they gave him when they took him in) was bitten by a snake, “likely a Copperhead,” though they never confirmed what exactly it was.  One thing they mentioned in their first update was that the blown-up face was really just an allergic reaction to the bite and that it was much worse than it looked.  They were confident that he would be “quickly healed.”  Logar was immediately put on high doses of antibiotics, steroids, and fluids in an effort to cool down his insanely high 104.5 degree body temperature.

Pretty soon, Logar was looking much better as his face started to “un-swell” (if that’s a word).  He started to look like a more normal dog:

And a day later, Logar was actually looking like nothing had ever happened to him in the first place.

Pretty soon Logar was out of the hospital, with the only remaining issue being a gnarly-looking neck wound.  We didn’t include the picture of the wound because it is pretty gruesome, but if you want to check it out, here’s the link.  A month or so later, Logar finally got his “furrever” home and is happy as any dog can be.  We’re just thankful that Pet Helpers did such a good job of not only rescuing and treating Logar, but also of finding him a great new home with a loving family.

Pet Helpers does great work and we encourage our readers to donate to them if you believe in the great work they are doing.  After all, they couldn’t have saved and treated Logar without the support of donors that sustain their mission.  Check out their donation page here if you want to donate.  You can also work with Pet Helpers through Amazon by ordering items on their Wishlist or you can register with them through Amazon’s Smile program.  The program will donate 0.5% of your purchases to a charity of your choice and you just have to pick Pet Helpers as your charity.

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