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Category: Heartwarming 

Glenda Delauder left her fortune to an animal shelter

How One Woman Left Her Entire Fortune to an Animal Shelter

The news is often full of stories about wealthy individuals leaving their fortunes to various crazy causes. Bu Glenda DeLawder decided to make a difference when she passed. And animal lovers the world over cheered her compassion.
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Peter Cohen built a dream home for his cats

How One Man Built a Dream Home for His 22 Cats

Everyone wants to give their pets the best of everything. Peter Cohen took that desire a step further. He built a dream home for the 22 rescue cats he lives with. And you need to see the house to believe it!
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Jolene with her Gumby Toy

Dog Has Priceless Reaction When Owner Dresses as Her Favorite Toy

Your dog probably has a favorite toy - one they love and prefer above all of the others. But have you ever considered dressing up as that toy? Ben Mesches did for his dog, Jolene. And the result? Too precious for words!
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Dr. Pilley and Chaser - the dog that knows over 1,000 words

How One Man Taught His Dog to Recognize Over 1,000 Words

You probably think your dog's smart - or at least clever. But how many words does your dog recognize? Five? Ten? Twenty? How about over 1,000? Chaser, the World's Smartest Dog knows 1,022 words!
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Pipes the kitten wearing a sock as a turtleneck

Kitten Wearing a Sock Like a Turtleneck Sweater is the Cutest Thing Ever

Who would think something as simple as a sock could turn into a healing garment? Well, if you're a kitten, it can!
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Dog has not problem photobombing the Pope

Dog Photobombing the Pope is the Best Vatican Picture Ever

Photobombing is one of people's favorite tricks. And dogs are often masters at it. But who'd think a pup could pull off a photobomb with the POPE?
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Luke Neveille lost his Pug - and found another!

Australian Man Reunited with Lost Pug…Too Bad It Was The Wrong Dog

Losing a pet is everyone's worst nightmare. And getting a chance to reunite with your beloved dog? That's perfect. At least, until someone brings you the WRONG dog!
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Shiloh risked her health to protect Bryson from a snake bite

Dog Sacrifices Neck (Literally) to Save Toddler from Snake

We love our dogs, and we hope they love us. And every now and then, we're treated to a story that proves how much they care. Such as when they put themselves between us and certain danger.
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