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Author: Ashley Brewer 

dog toothpaste

Top 10 Best Dog Toothpaste Brands

Everyone likes getting wet smooches from their dog — but sometimes, their breath could be a bit off-putting. As long as your dog doesn’t have
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pet friendly weed killer

Looking For A Pet Friendly Weed Killer Or Pesticide? The Top 10 Brands

In today’s day in age, if we have kids or pets, it’s important to read the labels on almost everything we bring into our homes.
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Top 10: Best Flea Shampoo For An Itch-Free Home

If your pet has fleas — it’s safe to say that you too have fleas. Once a flea infestation has occurred, they tend to breed
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can dogs take advil

Can Dogs Take Advil Or Aspirin?

As a dog owner, it’s only natural to want to ensure that your dog is safe, healthy, and happy at all times. Seeing them in
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pet odor removal

Tackling Pet Odor Removal and How To Keep Your House Smelling Fresh

There’s no doubt that we love our pets. Having them by our side just makes life a little bit better. But there’s just one problem
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flying with a cat

Cat-Friendly Airlines & Helpful Tips For Flying With A Cat

Your trip is booked and you’re ready to go — there’s just one problem: what do you do with your cat? Cats are generally really
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Holistic Dog Food: Just A Trend Or A Healthy Approach To Feeding Your Dog?

Nowadays it can be hard to tell what diets are fads or trends and which ones are actually beneficial to your health. The same goes
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My Dog is Lethargic But Eating and Drinking What Should I Do?

If you’re asking yourself “My dog is lethargic but eating and drinking, what should I do?” We have the answers you need.  Weakness and lethargy
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Pet Insurance: What is it and what does it cover?

Pet Insurance: What Is It and What Does It Cover?

We have insurance for our houses, our cars, our health, and even our lives — but what about our pets? You might have heard about
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Protect a dog's paws in harsh winter conditions

5 Ways to Protect a Dog’s Paws in Winter (And Other Winter-Proof Ideas!)

Winter can be extremely harsh on your dog’s soft paw pads. In order to protect a dog’s paws, you’ll need to take a number of
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