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Dog Has Priceless Reaction When Owner Dresses as Her Favorite Toy

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When children play with toys, they imagine that one day they can play with the real thing.  Whether it’s a GI Joe, Transformer, or Barbie, they fantasize about playing with the real life version of the toy.  Well, apparently dogs aren’t so different from children.

In a video posted to YouTube, Ben Mesches and Emily Crisp filmed themselves giving their 2-year-old golden retriever, Jolene, the kind of surprise that any dog or child would dream of.  Ben and Emily had given Jolene a Gumby chew toy for her birthday on October 13th and Jolene was obsessed.  So, naturally, Ben decided that he should surprise Jolene by dressing up in a human-sized Gumby costume that he had laying around.

The video below shows the priceless reaction that Jolene has when she witnesses her dreams come true.  Emily starts filming before Ben comes in the room and we see Jolene happily playing on her bed with her favorite Gumby toy.  Ben walks in, not sure what is going to happen and Jolene immediately looks up in shock.  At this point, it is unclear if Jolene feels threatened, is happily surprised, or just has no idea what is going on. Soon she stands up, slowly ambles over to Ben in the Gumby costume and that’s when the magic happens.  Jolene gets on her hind legs, hugs the giant Gumby and pulls him to the ground.  Then she acts like any excited child meeting their real life cartoon hero might act – she jumps around with joy, completely unable to control her inner happiness.

One commenter on YouTube describes it perfectly: ” It’s almost like this dog literally had a dream of this happening one day and it actually came true.”

The video went viral almost instantly.  “We didn’t think anything of it when we posted it, and then we woke up the next morning and it had almost 2 million views,” Crisp said.  It is still gaining views as we speak and has over 6 million at this point.

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