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Most Obedient Dog Ever Crushes Mannequin Challenge

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In case you’ve been living under a rock for the past few weeks and don’t know about the Mannequin Challenge, we’re here to help.  Something that appears to have started as a fun game among a small group of students in Jacksonville, FL has now become one of the most viral sensations online.  The Mannequin Challenge, as it is now known, involves people standing as still as possible while the song “Black Beatles” by Rae Sremmurd plays in the background.  If that sounds confusing, well, it probably is.  It’s just one of those viral sensations like “Damn Daniel” that the Internet has propelled to something beyond what anyone could have imagined.

As the trend of making these videos has spread from a few people to a worldwide phenomenon, the likes of Michelle Obama, The Steelers football team, Dancing with the Stars, and Saturday Night Live have all participated.  But for our money, nothing compares to the feat pulled off by an excessively well-behaved dog.

Ryan Thomas (@Ryan_Thomas02), a self-described “stay at home dog dad,” posted a video of his dog Boston doing the Mannequin Challenge on Twitter and it blew us (and all of Twitter) away.  Ryan’s extremely talented boxer was able to stay completely still while sitting up in a chair, with food on his nose, laying flat on his back, and dressed up in all types of ridiculous outfits.  The video is so impressive that it’s been shared almost two hundred thousand times. Check it out below:

And as these viral sensations typically explode, a request to be on the Ellen Show quickly follows:

And others were quickly wondering how in the world he was able to train his dog so well:

Of course Ryan wanted to make sure that everyone knew his dog is a dog of many talents, not just keeping still:

Tens of thousands of people had their chance to try and one up each other in the Mannequin Challenge, but we’re going to agree with one Twitter user who stated the significance of the video pretty plainly:

In case you missed the Mannequin Challenge trend, below are some of our favorites that have been created to date.

The trend has been particularly popular in sports. The Dallas Cowboys and Anneheim Ducks had a couple of the best version:

But the below version with the Cleveland Cavaliers and Michelle Obama might be one of the best out there

Even Rae Sremmurd, the hip hop group whose song “Black Beatles” is being used in most of the videos, got in on the action when they froze the entire stage and audience at one of their concerts

Even Destiny’s Child (are they getting back together?) got in on the action:


A video posted by kellyrowland (@kellyrowland) on

The trend wasn’t lost on Paul McCartney either, especially with the use of a song called “Black Beatles”

There were even ones that told stories through the use of freeze frames that got extremely creative.  Check out this love triangle version:

The most elaborate version of all definitely goes to the Late Late Show, with an epic version that runs almost three minutes:

So do you think Ryan’s boxer Boston is the winner?  Let us know in the comments!

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