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Dogs and sleep are often tricky questions for owners

How Many Hours a Day Do Dogs Sleep? (Letting Sleeping Dogs Lie)

Every time you look up, your dog's asleep. How many hours are dogs supposed to sleep? Can a dog sleep TOO much? Do dogs and sleep needs change as they age? Are there sleep disorders in canines? We have all of these answers to your dogs and sleep questions - so YOU can sleep easy at night.
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Unique dog gifts tell your dog they're special

72 Unique Dog Gifts for Any Canine-Approved Occasion

Who doesn't love surprising their dog with a present on their birthday or at Christmas? No one wants to be boring or predictable, though. Good thing we have 72 unique dog gifts to choose from!
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Dog travel beds give your pup a sleeping space away from home

Dog Travel Beds for Those Essential Canine Vacations

Traveling with our dogs involves a number of accessories and considerations. Providing a safe retreat for our dogs should rank in that list. Dog travel beds give our dogs a touch of home without breaking our backs on the hike. We have the best options for your upcoming vacations and trips.
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Calming dog beds work to soothe anxiety

Best Calming Dog Beds for Anxious or Nervous Hounds

For owners with anxious dogs, calming dogs beds provide one more piece in solving the nervous puzzle. We have the best calming dog beds on the market, with every snuggly feature your dog could ask for.
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Dog blankets work for plenty of different situations

Dog Blankets for Every Season and Hound’s Need

People often associate blankets with warmth - and people with dogs with thin or no hair DO keep blankets around to ensure their hounds stay toasty. But dog blankets provide so many other benefits. You may just want to keep some dog blankets on-hand for your canine, even if they have a luxurious, thick coat.
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Washable dog beds keep your home smelling fresh

Best Washable Dog Beds to Keep Your Doggo’s Space Feeling Fresh

Nothing is worse than the distinct odor of unwashed dog bed. It permeates the house until you drop the bed in the wash. But if you don't have a washable dog bed - a dog bed geared for friendly cleaning - this seemingly simple task might not be so simple.
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Small dog beds cater to the tiniest pooches

Best Small Dog Beds: These Beds are Made for Your Smaller Breeds

Finding the best dog bed becomes particularly important if you have a small breed dog. Little dogs have special requirements, and not just size. After all, a lot of small breed dogs came from royalty. That means they deserve nothing but the best.
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Dog beds for chewers are built of stronger materials

Best Dog Beds For Chewers That Will Hold Up to Gnawing and Pawing

Ever opened your door to an explosion of stuffing and fabric? You swore there was a dog bed in there when you left. Dogs chew their beds for a lot of reasons, and dealing with this habit can seem daunting. Luckily, there are dog beds out there designed just for chewers.
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Dog beds for large dogs should cushion joints and bones

Best Dog Beds for Large Dogs Because Space Equals Comfort

Sharing a bed with a small dog means snuggling. Sharing a bed with a large dog means sleeping on the floor (maybe the couch). Finding the perfect dog bed for your large breed dog takes some work and concern, but getting to reclaim more than a sliver on your bed is definitely worth it.
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The best dog beds keep your pup comfortable

Best Dog Beds for Every Type of Pup’s Resting Needs

We enjoy snuggling with our dogs, but they also need somewhere to call their own. Dog beds provide health benefits by protecting our dogs' joints, and helping regulate temperature. This provides a listing of the top beds in 12 different categories.
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