Australian Man Reunited with Lost Pug…Too Bad It Was The Wrong Dog

New South Wales resident, Luke Neville, love his pug Bella and spends his days surfing and hanging with his brother

Unfortunately, something terrible happened.  He lost his poor little pug Bella.  Realizing that their pug probably had gone out of the open front door while they were having breakfast, Luke and his brother went on a hunt to find Bella.  They told all of their friends and family and posted on Facebook

Unfortunately, that’s where the story took a turn.  Luke got a pug at his door, but it wasn’t the right pug!

Facebook: luke.neville.37

Soon enough, Bella was found at the pound and reunited with her rightful owner.  Luke didn’t seem too pressed to rescue her right away though. He decided to wait until the next morning

Facebook: luke.neville.37

He was reunited with Bella, but Luke was still stuck with a dog that he had now christened “Not-Bella”

Facebook: luke.neville.37

Fortunately, Not Bella’s family had sent out notices that they, too, had lost their pug and connected with Luke.  Before they picked him up, Luke took a picture with Bella and Not-Bella to commemorate the bizarre sequence of events

Facebook: luke.neville.37

Not only did Luke get his beloved Bella back, but he also invented a new phrase that will probably have limited use in the future: “Win a pug lose a pug.”  His Mom didn’t seem to find it nearly as entertaining as he did though:

Facebook: luke.neville.37

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