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Dog ear cleaners help you keep those ears looking and smelling their best

Best Dog Ear Cleaners and Why You Need to Keep Them Handy

Your dog's ear health is an important part of their routine. Even if they don't currently have an ear infection, regular use of an ear cleaner helps prevent yeast, bacterial, and mites from gaining a foothold. These are the highest rated dog ear cleaners on the market.
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Dog head shaking can mean many things - some benign

Dog Head Shaking: What Does It Mean and When Do You Worry?

You often see your dog shake their heads at certain times: after a bath, when they finish swimming, and if they get up from rolling in the grass or dirt. But sometimes all of that head shaking continues. How are you supposed to know what's normal and what's cause for concern? We'll break down dog head shaking into easy to understand pieces. Because sometimes? That shake CAN lead to problems.
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Clean your dog's ears to keep them healthy

Got Earwax? A Tutorial on How to Clean Your Dog’s Ears

Wanna know how to clean your dog's ears? Earwax is kind of gross, but it serves an important in keeping the ear clean. When it gets excessive, your dog needs you to step in to keep their ears healthy. Cleaning your dog's ears is simple, and this tutorial will show you how.
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When your dog's ears smell, you want to investigate

My Dog’s Ears Smell: What Does It Mean and What Should I Do?

Have you curled up with your dog and noticed a strange odor near their head? Smelly ears can mean plenty of different things. Not to worry, though: we'll walk you through everything you need to know when your dog's ears smell.
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