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Category: Reader Stories 

Kalisi overcame her initial stress and demonstrated a new way to eat her food

Diary of Kalisi: How to Eat Cat Food “Cereal Style”

With Kalisi and Frances settling in together, now it was Frances's turn to learn an important lesson: felines are weird and unique.
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Kalisi showed every sign of being an emotionally-troubled cat

Diary of Kalisi: The First Day with an Emotionally-Troubled Cat

Now that Kalisi was officially adopted, it was time to move into her forever home. And with Frances a first-time cat mom - and Kalisi with some emotional baggage in tow - that proved interesting.
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Cat ownership may not sound strange to you - unless they're your first

Diary of Kalisi: A First-Time Cat Ownership Odyssey

If you've owned cats before, you may not think anything of bringing one home. But for Frances Kim, Kalisi was her FIRST cat. And cat ownership represents a new world. Complete with all of the trials and tribulations.
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