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Dog brushes come in different styles for every dog coat

Best Dog Brushes for Sleek and Shiny Canine Coats

Every canine comes with a unique coat type. Some are thick and fluffy. Others? They have tight, constantly-growing curls. And some have almost no hair at all. But every dog needs regular grooming to keep shedding from getting out of control. And even short hair can turn into mats if not cared for. Good thing we have the top dog brushes for every dog out there!
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Dog shoes work in summer, winter, and everything in-between

Best Dog Shoes to Protect Paws in Every Condition

You may think dogs wearing shoes is nothing more than a fashion statement. But when you live surrounded by pavement, dog shoes may prevent your pup from damaged paws. Even indoors, this canine accessory can provide your dog with the extra traction they need on the floors. And the fact they look adorable doesn't hurt, either.
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Limited ingredient dog foods may pose more problems than they solve

Limited Ingredient Dog Foods: Solving Allergies Or Causing Problems?

When your dog struggles with allergies, you feel terrible. The average commercial dog food has SO MANY things on the label! How are you supposed to figure out which is the culprit? That's where the idea of limited ingredient dog foods came about. By cutting out some of the extras, they're supposed to help sort out canine allergies. Unhappily, they can CAUSE problems, too. It's important to understand everything about these diets before you bring one home.
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Dog chews are delicious ways for your dog to exercise their jaws

Best Dog Chews for Happy – and Tasty – Canine Gnawing

It's impossible to stop a dog from chewing - it's in their nature. And while you want to provide important (and safe) options, you also want to give your dog a treat now and then. That's where dog chews come in. They scrape away annoying plaque from teeth, give your dog the satisfaction of something to gnaw on, all while offering a yummy treat in the process. Everyone wins! And we have the best dog chew options to choose from.
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Dog dental chews are yummy treats that help clean teeth

Best Dog Dental Chews for Tackling Stubborn Plaque

Nothing substitutes for brushing your dog's teeth. But if you find yourself struggling to keep up with the routine, you may want to extra help. And wouldn't it be handy if your pup LIKED part of the tooth-cleaning process? That's where dog dental chews come in. Tasty and healthy, they're the perfect addition to your puppy dental care routine.
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Dog joint supplements come in several forms

Best Dog Joint Supplements to Keep Your Canine Comfortable

A dog in pain means a stressed owner. And a stressed owner? That leads to a worried dog. Aging and developmental issues can lead to joint problems in our favorite canines. And while we may not be able to cure these issues, we CAN make them more comfortable. Dog joint supplements allow you to intervene at crucial moments and keep your pup active and free from pain.
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Robot vacuum cleaners for dog hair help keep your floors looking their best

Best Robot Vacuums for Dog Hair: Managing the Daily Shed

There's nothing worse than coping with loose fur and hair during shedding season. Every time you turn around, there's more! It feels like all you do is sweep and vacuum. So why not let technology step in and ease the stress? These top robot vacuums for dog hair are the perfect solution.
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Dog life jackets keep your pup safe wherever you go swimming

Best Dog Life Jackets for Safe Summer Swimming Activities

Whether you're going to the beach, camping by a lake, or simply heading to the pool in your backyard, odds are your favorite pup's going to join you. And while most dogs have no problem swimming, it's important to consider their safety. Dog life jackets provide the perfect solution. And we have the best options on the market to keep your canine companion safe this summer.
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Raw dog foods require extremely careful balancing of nutrients

Best Raw Dog Foods: Exploring BARF Foods for Canines

Raw dog foods have gained in popularity in certain circles. Many people feel they're superior to commercial diets. However, they come with increased health risks for both your canine companion and you. It's important to understand what goes into raw dog foods before you jump on the bandwagon. We'll go over the pros and cons before listing the top raw dog foods available.
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Dog crates keep your furry friend safe

Best Dog Crates for Keeping Your Best Friend Safe and Sound

From puppy to adult, dogs need somewhere to call their own. They want and need a place to retreat to when they're nervous, to sleep during the night, and that keeps them safe when you're away. Dog crates provide the perfect solution. We have a variety of top dog crates for you to choose from to help your pup settle in and call their own.
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