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Dog collars hold important safety information

Best Dog Collars For Proper Identification and Safety

Nothing's better than finding an adorable dog collar at your favorite shop. And with THOUSANDS of options available, you can find colors and patterns to suit the seasons, holidays, or any special occasion. But dog collars need to serve an important safety function, too. And we have the top choices that'll hold up to daily wear-and-tear.
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Litter for multiple cats keeps peace within a household

Best Litters for Multiple Cats: Managing Bathroom Traffic Control

When you have more than one cat in a household, everything's a careful balancing act. Do you have enough toys for everyone? Have you spaced out the food and water bowls? Are there litter boxes set out? And then there's the litter. You want a litter that can handle the burden of multiple feline visits every day. We'll go through a list of the best litters for multiple cats to make life easier on everyone.
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Dog food for dogs with allergies may require trial and error

Best Dog Food for Dogs with Allergies: Helping Soothe Skin and Tummies

Allergies in dogs are often complicated. How to find the source? You'll need a steady relationship with your vet. And while food allergies are rare, they DO happen. But finding the right dog food for dogs with allergies is often slow and frustrating. And we'll explain why - and provide a list of some of the top choices.
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Dog food for German Shepherds needs to meet specific requirements

Best Dog Food for German Shepherds: Keeping Your GSD Trim and Active

Picking out the best dog foods gets tricky for anyone. You want your canine companion to stay healthy and get the most nutrients. But if you have a German Shepherd, you have some extra concerns. They need special dietary breakdowns to keep them healthy and capable of performing their best. Good thing we have the best dog food for German Shepherds for you to choose from!
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Cat carriers are the safest way for kitties to travel

Cat Carriers to Take Your Feline on Adventures

When it's time for your cat to make their annual vet visit, join the family on a vacation road trip, or even accompany you on a long-distance trip, you want them to stay safe. And there's only one cat accessory that does the job: cat carriers. But not every carrier works for every situation. We'll talk you through the different cat carrier available and explain what to look for so your kitty stays safe on their adventures.
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The best dog movies leave you feeling brighter and happier

Best Dog Movies: 22 Films for You and Your Canine to Share

When you've had a rough day, nothing beats curling up on the couch with a good movie. And when your favorite dog snuggles up beside you, the day's complete. So why not turn on one of the best dog movies so both of you can enjoy the flick? We've collected to top dog movies for everyone, so you're sure to find a film - no matter your mood.
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Cat brushes are an important part of cat hygiene

Cat Brushes to Keep Your Feline Sleek and Mat-Free

We know our feline friends have their grooming routine down. But you also see them shed hair...well, everywhere. And if you have a long-haired cat, you may notice mats appearing from time to time. That's where daily sessions with cat brushes come in handy. And we have the best cat brushes you could ask for - in every category!
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Dog nail grinders help you trim and shape your dog's nails

Dog Nail Grinders for the Perfect Canine Mani-Pedis

Keeping your dog's nails trimmed is an important step in the grooming process. But not every dog tolerates clippers - or every human, for that matter. And making a monthly trip to the groomer can start to add up quickly. That's where dog nail grinders come in. With a little practice (and some careful training with your pup), you'll have those puppy tootsies looking fantastic.
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Cat harnesses allow your cat to safely get outside

Cat Harnesses: Allowing Your Cat to Safely Explore the World

Everyone thinks about taking their dogs for walks. But what about cats? It's not as crazy as it sounds. With proper training, felines can take to the outdoors, the same as canines. You just need proper cat harnesses so that your kitty stays safe and secure. We'll go over the different styles and offer up the best cat harnesses for you to choose from.
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Running leashes allow you and your dog to exercise safely

Running Leashes: Letting Everyone Exercise Safely

You want to get in your daily jog. And you picked an active breed to keep you on-track with that exercise regime. But juggling a leash while running - or even speed-walking - is a challenge. Both you and your pup end up frustrated, if not sore. Good thing running leashes exist to make things easier. We'll explain how these nifty contraptions work and which are the best so you can hit the trail.
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