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Author: Amy Lukac 

Meower Rangers

Meower Rangers is the Cat Superhero Show You’ve Been Waiting For

Go, go Power Rangers! Power Rangers is a popular show that has been on for years. 90’s kids loved them; today’s kids love them and
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PIcture of Glenda Delauder

How One Woman Left her Entire Fortune to An Animal Shelter

There are countless numbers of animal shelters among us. All of them will take anything you can give as a donation. Whether that donation is
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Peter Cohen kissing one of his cats

How One Man Built a Dream Home for His 22 Cats

When we think of crazy cat ladies, we envision a woman with messy hair, wearing big clothing and living with six plus cats. Now, what would
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No, Your Dog isn’t Part of the Family: One Troubling Legal Case

When you look at your pet, what do you think? “That fluffy animal is so cute,” or do you think, “my furry child is adorable?”
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