Diary of a Kalisi: How to Eat Cat Food “Cereal Style”

Diary of Kalisi is a series of stories by Frances Kim about the trials and tribulations of being a first-time cat owner in New York City. It is part of a series of stories submitted by our very own readers! If you’d like to contribute, contact us and we can get your pet story out to the world!

Before Kalisi, I never owned a cat or spent much time around cats.  Therefore, I have no idea what normal cat behavior is.  Even without knowing what is neccessarily normal, I knew Kalisi was a particularly weird cat when I spotted her eating once.


It took a couple weeks until I noticed that her bowl would constantly be dirty. No matter how often I gave her fresh water, it would always end up murky with old bits of her dry food. I attributed this to her messy eating, since I always found kibble scattered around her food bowl; however, it wasn’t until I was quietly reading in the living room that I heard the clinking of her food bowl.

Camera out, I wanted to document how she was such a messy eater. I slowly crept over, making sure not to make any sudden movement or sound, when I saw her on the side of her water bowl. Her paw was out, dragging the kibble from her food bowl to her water bowl. Once the kibble was sufficiently saturated, she would scoop the kibble onto her paw and eat it.

I kid you not. I have video evidence. I asked every cat owner I knew if this was normal. Maybe she didn’t like dry food? No, she stopped eating the wet food that the adoption center claimed she would only eat once I mixed dry food with her wet food. Maybe she likes cereal? I mean if humans like it why wouldn’t cats? Regardless, either Kalisi is the smartest cat in the world or the strangest one.

Here’s her strange behavior in action:


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