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Cubs? Cleveland? No, a Cat is the Best Story of the World Series

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So apparently there is this team called the Chicago Cubs that hasn’t won the Word Series in 108 years and they happened to do so the other night.  It was a huge accomplishment and we offer our congratulations to all those Chicago fans out there who have suffered through years (nay, more than a century) of coming up short on the biggest title in baseball.  But, let’s get serious here and talk about what really matters: cats.

You see, there were a lot of milestones and a lot of great moments during the recent World Series, but none of the players can really top the achievement of one incredibly talented cat.  Kira, a cat owned by Twitter user Amanda M. Steiner (@amandamichl), probably made the catch attempt of the World Series when she went to catch a ball hit by Javier Baez that ended up being an important Cubs home run in the top of the 5th inning.  Kira then seems to get confused as the video is replayed again and she didn’t actually catch the ball:

The video garnered thousands of likes and retweets within the hour it was posted. This all prompted Amanda to ask the natural question that any person with a viral video might ask:

Soon the media started getting interested in the story, with multiple media outlets looking to get in on the action:

And apparently, old friends started coming out of the woodwork, trying to reconnect after they saw Amanda’s cat become a celebrity

The entire experience led Amnda to realize one of the ultimate truths of the Internet:

Whatever you think of Kira’s instant celebrity, we’re glad that Amanda at least used the exposure to promote a good cause by giving a shout out to Animal Haven, one of the best animal shelters in New York City:

We also love Animal Haven and encourage all of our readers to donate there or other shelters.  Here’s a link to their site if you’re interested in saving an animal. They let you do so in multiple ways (including donating your car), so check it out if you support the cause of saving abandoned animal lives!

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