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Cute Pug Pictures on 10 Must-Follow Instagram Accounts

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Whenever you’re feeling down, losing interest in your daily grind, or in desperate need of a distraction, nothing beats scrolling through an Instagram feed looking for adorable photos and videos of animals. And no matter whether you’re a cat person or a dog person, there’s just something about Pugs that triggers an instant smile. Who doesn’t love cute Pug pictures? Maybe it’s their smushed-in faces. Or it could be the bulgy eyes. It might even be their shrieking as they run around in a video (though you sometimes have to wonder how owners put up with that sound). You feel your lips tugging up in a smile or a laugh bubbling in your chest. The mood lightens, you get re-energized, and you’re able to regain focus.

Good thing we’ve tracked down the top 10 Instagram accounts with a ready supply of cute Pug pictures – jam-packed with the adorable breed you crave to watch. And each with a unique story to capture your interest. (Just don’t get too lost in the rabbit hole that is Instagram, okay?)


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A post shared by Mack the Adventure Pug (@pugventurephoto)

  • Followers: 68K
  • Story: Most people consider Pugs homebodies. Not Mack – he’s the one and only Adventure Pug! Mack’s owner Nate started out realizing his Pug came with a punch of energy on long jogs down the Santa Monica Pier. On a trip to Maine, Nate discovered Mack had no problem with hiking trails (provided there was a steady supply of treats, of course). Now the pair explore every kind of landscape and region together, snapping cute Pug pictures along the way. Mack loves the adventures, and he hopes the pictures inspire other Pugs to get off the couch and venture out into the great wide world.


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A post shared by Hamilton + Rufus (@hamiltonpug)

  • Followers: 82.8K
  • Story: Who doesn’t love a Cinderella story? Especially when it features cute Pug pictures! Hamilton’s story starts with a puppy named Rocco, lost in the streets of Columbus, Ohio. The poor little Pug had almost no fur, and he was in desperate need of a home. The Ohio Pug Rescue found him and delivered him to the hands of a loving foster mom. His first article of clothing was an Ohio State University jersey, keeping him warm while his fur grew back in. (Of course, while it looked adorable, he figured out how to get it off) Fast forward to December 2008 during an adoption event where Rocco met his forever dad and received his new name of (you guessed it) Hamilton. He also upgraded his digs to New York City. You can enjoy cute Pug pictures of Hamilton and his brother, Rufus.


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A post shared by Surf Gidget The Pug®️ (@surf_gidget_the_pug)

  • Followers: 93.3K 
  • Story:  A surfing Pug? You’d better believe it! Gidget is a sight to behold in her favored pink surfing gear. At nine months old, Gidget met her first surfboard, and she hasn’t looked back. Her room is stuffed with trophies and medals, including the coveted Purina Pro-Plan Ultimate Surf Dog Challenge! Famous surfers worldwide have posed for cute Pug pictures with this stunning bathing beauty, including Kelly Slater and Bethany Hamilton. Gidget even shared a moment with Doug the Pug on Beverly Hills Dog Show! But she doesn’t stop there; like many famous Pugs, she uses her fame to pay things forward. Kids can download an app where they play as Gidget to pick up trash (learning about cleaning the oceans), and proceeds from her book, Gidget the Surfing Dog: Catching Waves with a Small but Mighty Pug, go to dog rescues, environmental causes, and other social responsibilities that Gidget holds near and dear.


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A post shared by GILES & NIGEL PUGS (@gilesthepug)

  • Followers: 93.7K
  • Story: Would you believe a Pug social media sensation could have a net worth of $17 million? True story! Giles (and his brother Nigel) dazzle their Instagram followers with their costumes and Olympic-swimming prowess. Named for the British character from Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Giles is estimated to have a princely net worth. (Nigel isn’t named for any particular character – his owners simply felt he needed an equally posh name) The two smushed-face kiddos call the Hamptons their home, and they produce equally cute Pug pictures and videos you won’t want to miss!


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A post shared by Ozzy the Mean Mug Pug (@meanmugpug)

  • Followers: 97.2K
  • Story: If you hit up @meanmugpug, you’ll see the creative tagline, “A girl Pug with a mean mug.” Ozzy may rival the ever-popular Grumpy Cat with her toothy face, but she’s every bit the sweetheart. This tough-faced girl was born in April 2012. Unfortunately, she hit a bump in the road when she found herself abandoned at a groomer in 2015. Good thing the Coughlins showed up that April and fell in love with her sweet face. They adopted her and immediately started sharing her cute Pug pictures on social media. Now Ozzy lives it up in Hollywood with her younger brother (who’s every bit as sweet, though he lacks her “tough” appearance).


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A post shared by Minnie & Max the Pugs (@minniemaxpugs)

  • Followers: 118K
  • Story: Who doesn’t recognize the famous head-tilting seen in many cute Pug pictures? Well, Minnie and Max turned that pose into a social media sensation. Their first YouTube video went viral, capturing national attention and landing them coverage on “Jay Leno,” “Ellen,” “Regis & Kelly,” Good Morning Ameria,” and “Animal Planet.” Now they have over ONE MILLION Facebook followers, in addition to their thousands of Instagram fans. The adorable Pugs love traveling to meet their admirers, and (like the Pugdashians) they use their fame to support Pug rescue groups.


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A post shared by Otis, Veruca, Milo & Teddy (@otisthepugwalsh)

  • Followers: 149K
  • Story: Who doesn’t love a Pug grumble? (Bet you didn’t know a group of Pugs was called a grumble, did you?) Otis, Milo, Teddy, and Veruca share a household in Southampton, New York. As if so many Pugs weren’t adorable enough, they like to share the spotlight with TWO Siamese cats! (Of course, the cats need their own Instagram account, and if you want to sneak away for adorable kitten pictures, hop on over to @minkathesiamesecat). This quartet has a reputation for lavish Pug parties, garnering the attention of many a devoted follower. In fact, you’ll find plenty of interviews with Otis sprinkled around the internet (you know – in case you need another rabbit hole to distract you).


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A post shared by Pugdashians (@pugdashians)

  • Followers: 224k
  • Story: Sissy, Tally, and Natty make up the Pugdashian trio (yes, named after another famous family – but with much cuter photos). The sisters were preceded in the family by Puggy after their owner became enchanted with the Pug breed. Puggy paved the way for the sisters’ crucial work when she started as a therapy dog at the Maine Medical Center. Sissy quickly followed, and now all of the girls brighten the days for the residents. They also promote therapy dogs’ importance, splitting time between the Medical Center, a youth center, and a hospice. The family couldn’t believe their eyes when their adorable squishy-faced trio remained calm in the face of the screaming tantrums of their young adopted child. It turned out he had autism, but the girls were the exact influence he needed to find balance. The Pugdashians use their cute Pug pictures to raise money for Pug rescues – a valuable use of their lavish Pug parties!


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A post shared by Jeremy Veach (@jeremyveach)

  • Followers: 276K
  • Story: Jeremy Veach adopted Norm the Pug and started bringing him along on his converted bus. Exploring the Pacific Northwest, Jeremy started including Norm in his photographs, discovering that not only did people respond more to the cute Pug pictures, but so did he. “Before him, I didn’t do any of this. I didn’t travel as much. I was still taking photos, but nothing like I was doing right now. Yeah, Norm definitely changed my life.” Rattlesnake Lake, which sits just outside of Seattle, remains one of the pair’s favorite spots to visit. It holds a special place in their hearts: it was the first place they visited when Jeremy brought Norm home. It’s life “outside of the Norm,” and they both love it.


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A post shared by Doug The Pug (@itsdougthepug)

  • Followers: 4M
  • Story: Doug ranks as the ultimate Pug celebrity. In fact, he’s received a People’s Choice Award, has a New York Times Best-Selling Book (Doug the Pug: The King of Pop Culture), and sells out his in-dog meet-and-greet sessions! Outside of his social media empire, Doug’s appeared on television numerous times, including a stint on a 2020 Super Bowl Commercial. (Hard to top that!) Other noteworthy appearances include: “Good Morning America,” “The TODAY Show,” “The Doctors,” “This Morning,” “Jimmy Fallon,” and “The View.” As if that weren’t enough, this handsome Pug’s made guest spots on the music videos for DNCE, Fall Out Boy, and Katy Perry. No wonder he has so many followers! (Of course, it doesn’t hurt that he takes such darn cute Pug pictures)
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Andria Kennedy

Andria Kennedy

Andria grew up in a pet-friendly household. On weekends, the family made trips to zoos and aquariums in the area. So it wasn’t a surprise when she gravitated toward a career with animals.

After six years working among the background operations at the Philadelphia Zoo, she gained a unique insight into the veterinary world. The vet staff provided her first lessons in terminology, the identification of medical equipment, and glimpses of radiographs (x-rays). She also enjoyed plenty of opportunities to talk with everyone, including the veterinary technicians. And they offered an alternative for someone NOT interested in surgical pathways: Namely, their course of study.

Andria enrolled at Harcum College. Philadelphia boasts two programs for vet techs, but only Harcum works with the Ryan Veterinary Hospital and New Bolton Center (University of Pennsylvania’s small and large animal facilities, respectively). Harcum’s vet tech students receive six months of hands-on teaching and experience alongside Penn’s vet students.

With the opportunities and connections available with one of the top veterinary schools, the decision was easy for her to make.

New Bolton Center: Large Animal Medicine
Andria ended up trudging through snow up to the knee and shivering in subzero temperatures during her winter semester, but she wasn’t disappointed with her choice. New Bolton provided a thorough grounding in large animal medicine. A horse-lover as a child, the experience renewed those old emotions.

And a few memories stood out and remained to this day:

  • Standing alongside a Clydesdale and feeling TINY
  • Holding the reins of a horse galloping at top speed on a treadmill
  • Nursing tiny foals through the first days of their life

Ryan Veterinary Hospital: Small Animal Medicine
Veterinary students can legally work at a practice while studying. Andria took advantage of the opportunity, gaining “real life” experience while attending class. It provided a slight advantage when she entered her three months at the small animal hospital.

However, as Ryan Veterinary Hospital offers treatments unique to the veterinary community, she continued to gain valuable experience. For instance, she spent a day working alongside their Chemo Team. The positivity of everyone she encountered – staff, clients, and patients alike – left a lasting impression.

Additional standout moments included:

  • An afternoon spent with the head of the feline kidney transplant program
  • A day serving as the anesthesia technician in their new radiation unit
  • Recognizing a radiograph of a giant elephant shrew (applying her previous zoo knowledge)

Emergency/ICU Veterinary Technician
Accompanying her Associate of Science in Veterinary Technology, Andria received a passing score on the Veterinary Technician National Exam (VTNE). The two led to her certification/license as a veterinary technician – first in Pennsylvania (CVT) and later in Virginia (LVT).

Emergency medicine appealed to her from the beginning. The flux of ailments, injuries, and even species kept her mind sharp at all times. The knowledge required to handle cats, dogs, exotics, and even wildlife is highest in an ICU setting. When a vet tech never knows the patient’s stability coming back to the treatment area, skills and the ability to respond in an instant always stay in peak shape.

With treatments evolving at a constant basis, Andria sought out the best Continuing Education opportunities. She attended the International Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care Society (IVECCS) Conference whenever possible. This allowed her to discuss the latest wound treatments, medications, and advancements in diet formulations.

Cardiology Veterinary Technician
With the increased knowledge and experience, Andria noticed gaps in her abilities. Her grasp of cardiology remained at the basic level. She wanted to boost her skills and understanding as much as possible, improving her patient care. When an opportunity within the practice arose to move into the cardiology department, she accepted.

She sharpened her ability to read ECGs, recognizing arrhythmias of every type. Speaking with the cardiologist, she learned to read echocardiograms, picking out the most common disease processes. And, courtesy of her position in the department, she took in everything she could regarding the grain-free diet concern.

And throughout her ten-year career, she built her store of client interactions. She learned stories of heartbreak and hope. In the middle of the night, she shared touching and humorous conversations. Every moment taught her to engage with people. And the skill blended into her writing ability, capturing the interest of pet-lovers everywhere.

Check out Andria’s LinkedIn here

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