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Category: Dog Products 

Dog Cameras: Checking in on Your Favorite Pup When You’re Away

Have you ever wondered what your dog does when you're not home? With these top dog cameras, you have the ability to not only check in with your favorite pooch, but also interact in new and exciting ways!
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Low-Fat dog foods keep your pup looking trim

Low-Fat Dog Foods to Trim Off Those Unwanted Pounds

Whether you have an overweight pup, or your dog suffers from pancreatitis or IBD, low-fat dog foods can provide an easy answer. And we have the top low-fat dog foods your canine will crave.
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automatic water bowls for dogs and cats

Automatic Water Bowls for Dogs of Every Kind

You know your dog drinks water, but is it enough? If you want to ensure proper hydration, consider investing in an automatic water for dogs. You'll help them and yourself - and we've got the best options out there!
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Unique dog gifts tell your dog they're special

72 Unique Dog Gifts for Any Occasion

Who doesn't love surprising their dog with a present on their birthday or at Christmas? No one wants to be boring or predictable, though. Good thing we have 72 unique dog gifts to choose from!
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Dog GPS Trackers help you keep an eye on your wayward hound

Dog GPS Trackers for Locating Your Wandering Canine

No one wants their dog to go missing. If you're concerned about that possibility, though, it may be time to consider a dog GPS tracker. These handy devices help increase your chances of reuniting with your wandering canine.
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Dog training pouches allow you to train your dog anywhere

Dog Training Pouches for Learning on the Go

No one likes having to fumble around for the treat when it comes time to reward their dog. It disrupts the flow of the training process. Plus, it's awkward. Good thing dog training pouches came along! These handy devices free up your hands and make the teaching process smooth as silk.
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Dog grass pads work well in city settings

Dog Grass Pads for the Urban Canine

More and more canines are finding their ways into cities and urban areas. When you live in the upper reaches of an apartment complex, green space can be hard to come by. Good thing dog grass pads are around! These handy solutions allow your dog to skip those endless flights of stairs. So if you've ever cursed a broken elevator, check out these simple alternatives.
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Grain-free diets sound good in theory, but there's more to it

Grain-Free Diets: The Truth Behind the Hype

Grain-free diets became a popular trend in dog food following such human diets as paleo and gluten-free. Unfortunately, they led to a string of dangerous DCM cases. If you feed your dog a grain-free diet or have considered switching to one, make sure to read up on ALL of the information. It may save your dog's life.
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Dog harnesses allow greater control on walks

Dog Harnesses for Every Walking Need

Some dog walks end up with you soaking in a tub or spending quality time with an ice pack. Or, worse, you listen to your dog cough and gag at the end of their collar. Dog harnesses provide an easy solution to both problems, and we have the best options available.
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Service dog vests allow for immediate visibility

Service Dog Vests for the Hardest Working Dogs

While animal lovers have a strong impulse to go up to dogs and cats we meet out in public, service dogs and ESAs are often performing critical jobs. So how do we know when to keep a respectful distance? Servce dog vests help identify these animals for us.
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