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About Bone and Yarn 

Bone and Yarn is a site that’s written for pet owners, by pet owners. If you’re a cat or dog lover, then you came to the right place.


The team at Bone and Yarn is obsessed with all things pets and is committed to helping you better understand your pet and their needs. We offer expert advice and extremely well-researched articles on the following:


Our writers include Licensed Veterinary Technicians, Doctors of Veterinary Medicine, animal trainers and pet owners so you know you are getting the best advice available.

Bone and Yarn launched in 2016 and is an independently run, family-owned website.

Contact Us operates out of our headquarters in New York City. 


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If you’re interested in contributing to or simply have a great idea to share, don’t be shy! We’d love to hear from you! Email us at [email protected] with your pitch. We read every message.

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