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Month: October 2016 

Cat behavior isn't the same as dog behavior

Your Cat Thinks You’re a Crazy Primate: Understanding Cat Behavior

Some of the things our cats do drive us crazy. And trying to communicate between our two species? That can seem impossible. But there's a reason: we're THAT different. And studies prove we might as well come from different planets.
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Carter, Ryan Lochte's dog who celebrates the same age every birthday

Ryan Lochte Celebrates Dog’s 8th Birthday Every Year on October 23rd

Maybe you like to fib a little about your age every time your birthday comes around. But have considered doing the same for your dog? Ryan Lochte seems to want to do so for his dog, Carter!
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Catfight over bowl of milk

Two of the Most Polite Cats Ever Redefine the Term “Catfight”

What do you think of when you hear the term "catfight?" Probably NOT something as dainty and polite as this video of two felines battling over a single saucer of milk!
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Dr. Pilley and Chaser - the dog that knows over 1,000 words

How One Man Taught His Dog to Recognize Over 1,000 Words

You probably think your dog's smart - or at least clever. But how many words does your dog recognize? Five? Ten? Twenty? How about over 1,000? Chaser, the World's Smartest Dog knows 1,022 words!
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Pipes the kitten wearing a sock as a turtleneck

Kitten Wearing a Sock Like a Turtleneck Sweater is the Cutest Thing Ever

Who would think something as simple as a sock could turn into a healing garment? Well, if you're a kitten, it can!
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Pallas Cats

Your Ultimate Guide to the Mysterious and Majestic Pallas Cat

Have you heard of Pallas Cats? Maybe not. They're incredibly rare. But these gorgeous cats are also endangered. And if you're curious about them, we've gathered the best photos and information for your perusal.
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Dog has not problem photobombing the Pope

Dog Photobombing the Pope is the Best Vatican Picture Ever

Photobombing is one of people's favorite tricks. And dogs are often masters at it. But who'd think a pup could pull off a photobomb with the POPE?
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A dog with eight iPhones?

Dog with Eight iPhone 7s Wants You to Know that She’s Better Than You

You probably go out of your way to make sure your dog has everything they need. And maybe you spoil them now and then. But have you ever considered buying your dog an iPhone? How about EIGHT of them?
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Doggles help keep your pup's eyes safe

“Doggles” Are Taking Dog Fashion to The Next Level

You want your dog to stay safe and healthy. But why not have them look cool and fashionable at the same time? That's where Doggles come in!
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Luke Neveille lost his Pug - and found another!

Australian Man Reunited with Lost Pug…Too Bad It Was The Wrong Dog

Losing a pet is everyone's worst nightmare. And getting a chance to reunite with your beloved dog? That's perfect. At least, until someone brings you the WRONG dog!
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