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Month: August 2016 

Shiloh risked her health to protect Bryson from a snake bite

Dog Sacrifices Neck (Literally) to Save Toddler from Snake

We love our dogs, and we hope they love us. And every now and then, we're treated to a story that proves how much they care. Such as when they put themselves between us and certain danger.
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Robot vacuums and dog poop don't mix

Roomba Finally Meets an Unexpected Match: Dog Poop

Everyone loves their robot vacuums. They save time and energy. But there are some things they're NOT designed to handle - as one family found out one night in 2016.
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Dogs understand humans better than we may have thought

Your Dog Understands Your Emotions Better Than You Think

Ever sit around and wonder why your dog was staring at you?  Has your dog gotten excited when you’re excited or sad and depressed when
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Special cat adoptions are always important

Special Cats Deserve Adoption and Sponsorship, Too!

Special cats often require extra time, care, or attention. And they may spend extra time in a shelter or rescue. But they're still cute and deserve your attention. And we have several success stories to demonstrate they're every bit as cute and worth the effort.
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Instagram dog photos instantly cheer up everyone

The Best Instagram Dog Photos to Brighten Your Day

Who doesn't enjoy seeing adorable dogs and puppies? We found some top Instagram images - for whenever you need a pick-me-up.
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Cat Trees For Large Cats: Making the Right Decision

Cat trees are important for every cat. But sometimes larger cats have more important needs. And we'll go into the extra clues you'll want to pay attention to.
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