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Pet Advice 

Flying with a dog requires a lot of careful preparation

Flying with a Dog: Everything You Need to Know Before You Book

People take trips all around the world, and - more and more - they bring their faithful canine companions along. Flying with a dog isn't as easy as popping your pooch in a carrier, though. If you have vacation plans coming up, make sure you read through this checklist first.
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Polydactyl cats have paws that often look like mittens

Polydactyl Cats: The Mystery and Magic Behind a Few Extra Toes

Have you ever spotted a cat with curious-looking paws? Did it seem like they were sporting mittens? Or maybe their feet looked suspiciously wide? Odds are you encountered a polydactyl cat. Cherished by Ernest Hemingway and others, cats with extra toes have unique little paws - and a special history.
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Pet insurance for cats is important for cats of every age

Pet Insurance for Cats: Protecting Your Feline for the Future

Whether you have a senior cat starting to show signs of illness, an outdoor cat who takes on the entire neighborhood, or a brand new kitten, you've probably considered the cost of potential (or actual) vet bills. Pet insurance for cats can help defray your out-of-pocket costs, helping you breathe easier, no matter what your situation might be.
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Puppy mills continue to thrive due to designer breeds

What are Puppy Mills? The Truth Behind That Cute Puppy

Have you seen a pen of adorable puppies at a flea market? Come across an ad for available litters on Craigslist or Facebook? Or stopped by the front window of a pet store? There's no doubt those wriggling bodies are cute, but they're also supporting a dangerous industry. If you aren't familiar with the battle against puppy mills, stop and read this post - it could change a dog's life for the better.
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Turns out not all dogs swim

Can All Dogs Swim? Sorting the Skimmers from the Stones

The phrase "doggie paddle" suggests every canine takes to the water like a...well, like a dog. But can all dogs really swim? Reality is a little more complicated. If you wonder if your canine is the next swimming champion, better check this article before hitting the pool or beach.
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Trimming cat nails keeps you and your cat safe

Trimming Cat Nails and Keeping the Scratching to a Minimum

Nothing seems to frighten cat owners more than trimming cat nails. If the thought has you on edge, don't despair - we'll walk you through the process and turn you into a pro!
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Seven easy cat tricks to teach your cat

Cat Tricks: 7 Awesome (and Easy!) Ways to Train Your Cat

Once you've mastered clicker training with your cat, you can progress to fun cat tricks. We have seven to start with, and then you can move on from there.
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Petunias are a cat-safe plant you can keep in your garden

Cat-Friendly Flowers and Plants to Brighten Your Home

You love having flowers and plants around your home, but you also have inquisitive cats. You don't want your cat to end up in the hospital from an accidental poisoning. Not to fear! We have a list of cat-friendly flowers and plants to brighten your home and garden - while keeping kitty safe and sound.
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french bulldog sleeping

Calmest Dog Breeds for Like-Minded People

Not everyone enjoys life in the fast lane. If you have a laid-back lifestyle, or you need a dog with an easy-going nature, one of these calmest dog breeds is more suited to you than a super athlete.
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keep cats out of christmas tree

Here’s How to Keep Your Cat Away from the Christmas Tree This Season

Nothing's more frustrating over the holidays than keeping cats out of Christmas trees. You lose ornaments, you lose lights, you lose pine needles, and you lose patience. If you're considering giving up on trees altogether, stop and read our tips first - it might save your holiday.
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