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Month: January 2017 

Pet Insurance is important for every animal

Pet Insurance: What Is It and What Does It Cover?

When you bring home a new kitten or puppy, there's a lot to consider. And one of those thoughts should be pet insurance. Is it worth the cost? Which company should you choose? How do you know what each coverage means? We're going to walk you through those answers.
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Meower Rangers

Meower Rangers is the Cat Superhero Show You’ve Been Waiting For

What's funnier than a show spoof? Why, a cat show spoof! And with so many views on YouTube, fans of the Meower Rangers can't be wrong!
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The 20 Best Dog Puzzle Toys

The 20 Best Dog Puzzle Toys to Keep Your Pooch Happy and Healthy

With clever pups out there, you want to provide the best toys to keep them physically and mentally stimulated. Luckily, we've rounded up the top 20 dog puzzle toys out there for you to challenge those clever canine brains!
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Protect a dog's paws in harsh winter conditions

5 Ways to Protect a Dog’s Paws in Winter (And Other Winter-Proof Ideas!)

Winter's a fun time - for dogs and people. But it's also harsh on health. You want to keep your pup safe and healthy. And we have some handy tips to do just that, even if you live in the worst winter conditions.
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When your dog's ears smell, you want to investigate

My Dog’s Ears Smell: What Does It Mean and What Should I Do?

Have you curled up with your dog and noticed a strange odor near their head? Smelly ears can mean plenty of different things. Not to worry, though: we'll walk you through everything you need to know when your dog's ears smell.
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Glenda Delauder left her fortune to an animal shelter

How One Woman Left Her Entire Fortune to an Animal Shelter

The news is often full of stories about wealthy individuals leaving their fortunes to various crazy causes. Bu Glenda DeLawder decided to make a difference when she passed. And animal lovers the world over cheered her compassion.
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