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Your Dog Understands Your Emotions Better Than You Think

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Ever sit around and wonder why your dog was staring at you?  Has your dog gotten excited when you’re excited or sad and depressed when you’re sad and depressed?  Well, there’s new evidence that your dog understands your emotions and connects with you on a level that you probably always knew he could!

A dog understands how you feel by your facial expression

In a paper published in Biology Letters titled “Dogs recognize dog and human emotions,” researchers from the University of Lincoln and the University of Sao Paolo proved that canines have the ability to recognize human emotions such as happy/playful and angry/aggressive.

While the average person may have no idea what a “cross-modal preferential looking paradigm” is, we’re happy to hear that everything we always suspected about little Fido is true!  Your pup not only loves you, but he can also sense when you’re in a good or bad mood.  According to the researchers, this is “an ability previously known only in humans.”  So I guess we know why your furry friend has been licking your face every time you’re sad!

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