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Scottish Fold Munchkin Kittens – 15 Pictures for You to Love

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Kittens tug at the heartstrings and make you want to snatch them up and snuggle for hours. But what if I told you about a cat breed born with short legs and folded ears? Sounds too cute to resist, right? Maybe impossible? Nope! Meet the Scottish Fold Munchkin kitten, or Scottish Kilt, as they’re better known. These tiny balls of fluff are the epitome of adorable, and we have 15 pictures sure to make you fall in love.

The Origin of the Scottish Fold Munchkin

You may or may not have heard of the Scottish Fold Munchkin. Recognized as an experimental breed by The International Cat Association (TICA), they result from crossing two popular breeds: the Munchkin and the Scottish Fold. The result is a cute feline with shortened legs, folded ears, and one of the best personalities you could ask for.

The Munchkin

Munchkin cats became popular in the early 1990s, though the breed got its official start back in the 1940s. Due to a genetic mutation, these cats have elongated bodies on four stubby legs. (Think Dachshund but in cat form) On the plus side, you don’t see the spinal problems canine owners experience with their long-backed dogs. Munchkins tolerate their unique shape quite well, often sitting back on their haunches to get a “lay of the land.” (It’s too cute for words)

The Scottish Fold

Scottish Fold cats have ears that (you guessed it) fold flat against their heads. People feel it gives them an owl-like appearance, especially as they tend to have gorgeous round eyes. You’ll also feel some of the plushest fur on the planet on their compact bodies. And, of course, those unique ears come from another genetic mutation. Some Scottish Folds have straight ears, and others have one folded ear; litters come in a mixed assortment.

Enter the Scottish Kilt

Breeders decided to combine these two adorable breeds to produce kittens with shorter legs than usual, long tapered bodies, and folded ears. Sounds easy enough. However, genetics get a little tricky. Those folded ears result from a dominant gene, but you have a 50/50 chance of getting a litter with folded ears. This means some kittens with folded ears and some with straight ears. Breeders have to be careful, too. Two folded-ear Scottish Fold Munchkins CAN’T get paired together. The resulting offspring end up with a form of horrific arthritis. As a result, if you wish to get your hands on a Scottish Fold Munchkin kitten, expect them to come spayed or neutered as a precaution.

Scottish Fold Munchkin Kittens

While SUPER adorable, Scottish Fold Munchkin kittens rank pretty high in the rarity department. Again, the genetics game makes things difficult. You might find yourself on a waiting list with your local breeder, especially if you want those folded ears. Most Scottish Kilts run between $500-$1000 from breeders. You CAN check local rescues, though – you might get lucky.


Scottish Fold Munchkins don’t take up much space. On average, males weigh between 6-9 pounds and stand around 7 inches high. Females come in a little less at 4-8 pounds. They’re the perfect size for snuggling into your lap! You need to keep an eye out for urinary issues, though. Scottish Kilts are prone to polycystic kidney disease. If you decide to bring one of these bundles of cuteness into your life, skip the dry food. A canned diet (or possibly a prescription diet – chat with your vet) is the better option for your little Scottish Fold Munchkin kitten.


Scottish Fold Munchkins WANT to spend time with you. They love playing, and you’ll find extra intelligence packed under those folded ears. If you skimp on the attention, you’ll find your cutie succumbing to depression (which is NOT adorable). If you’re stepping out, consider an electronic cat toy to keep that feline brain engaged and active.

Cute Scottish Fold Munchkin Kitten Photos

Okay, the REAL reason you stopped by this post – the pictures! Who doesn’t want to squeal over Scottish Fold Munchkin kittens? Prepare for maximum cuteness overload! (And, then, if you can stand it, make sure you jump over and share the love with some adorable Pugs)
Scottish Folds USA Kitten
Scottish Folds USA

Scottish Folds Munchkin Kitten
Scottish Folds USA

Scottish Folds USA Kitten
Scottish Folds USA

Scottish Fold Munchkin
Scottish Folds USA

Scottish Fold Munchkin Kitten
Scottish Folds USA

Cute as a Kilt

Whether you’re a kitten fan, in general, or you’ve lost your heart to the Scottish Fold Munchkin breed, in particular, nothing beats a quick break to coo over cats and kittens. And these Scottish Fold Munchkin kitten pictures are just the tip of the iceberg! Don’t hesitate to scope out the rest the internet has to offer! I bet you never imagined a Scottish Kilt could be so cute and perfect, did you?
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Andria Kennedy

Andria Kennedy

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