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Dog bandanas work in every possible situation

Best Dog Bandanas: Canine Fashion for Every Occasion

You want your dog to look perfect for a photo-op, but they hate wearing clothing. It's a special occasion, and something extra's needed. Luckily, dog bandanas come work perfectly! And most dogs don't even mind wearing them - letting them look adorable for every situation.
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Flying with a dog requires a lot of careful preparation

Flying with a Dog: Everything You Need to Know Before You Book

People take trips all around the world, and - more and more - they bring their faithful canine companions along. Flying with a dog isn't as easy as popping your pooch in a carrier, though. If you have vacation plans coming up, make sure you read through this checklist first.
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Service dog vests allow for immediate visibility

Service Dog Vests for the Hardest Working Canines

While animal lovers have a strong impulse to go up to dogs and cats we meet out in public, service dogs and ESAs are often performing critical jobs. So how do we know when to keep a respectful distance? Servce dog vests help identify these animals for us.
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The best service dogs are easy to train

Best Service Dogs to Choose for You or Your Loved One

Service dogs are amazing heroes in the canine world. While any dog that fulfills the training has potential to become a service dog, there are specific qualities shared by every service dog. These characteristics are found in the best service dogs.
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Get a service dog for whatever assistance you need

How to Get a Service Dog for Every Assistance Need

Service dogs provide a variety of tasks for people with disabilities - the list keeps growing. If you have a need for one of these remarkable dogs, how do you obtain one?
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