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The Best Instagram Dog Photos to Brighten Your Day

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It’s the weekend! And as with all things weekend, it’s always best to keep it light. That’s why this Friday, we chose to bring you some of our favorite Instagram dog photos for the week. And, this week, there were some wonderful dogs and puppies posted by excellent photographers. Enjoy!

This Chihuahua has a beautiful look, and the close-up photography is really stunning.

We love this little guy sticking his tongue out! So cute! (And kudos to the photographer for managing to catch the image at the right moment)

These fancy guys are clearly planning to go hard this weekend. We don’t know where they’re going, but we’d love to join in on the fun!

This is expert action shot of dogs playing with tennis balls will get you in the mood for summer. And check out the height they’re getting with their jumps!

And is there anything cuter than baby Huskies? Look at all of that soft baby fuzz!

Okay, baby Golden Retrievers dressed as Paw Patrol characters might be cuter. (Puppies, in general, always win top marks)

And Pomeranian puppies clearly hold their own, as well. They’re little balls of floof!

Here’s to everyone who is going to be doing a little bit of this over the weekend. This Husky clearly understands the need for a LONG nap to recover from the work of the week before.

And you can always find Instagram dog photos on our Bone and Yarn account. Or maybe you’d like to share your favorite pet photos with us. We’d love to see your furry friends!