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“Doggles” Are Taking Dog Fashion to The Next Level

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Sometimes your dog has health issues, and you have to give him or her an unsightly neck collar or cast.  However, some issues require solutions that make your dog look super cool, and Doggles is one of them.

Madison Berglund owned a dog named Jax that had unfortunate problems with cataracts and glaucoma.  These health problems made it very difficult for Jax to see properly because his eyes became extremely sensitive in the sunlight.  The only solution was to give poor little Jax Doggles – sunglasses for dogs that look like swimming goggles.  Doggles have the amazing side effect of making your dog look like the coolest “cat” in town, as Jax soon found out when his pictures went viral.

Jax sporting his Doggles

Jax always looks incredible

After discovering Doggles through Madison’s Twitter posts, we found some more amazingly cool pictures of dogs sporting this fashionable trend.  Check them out below.

Of course, as you might suspect, there were plenty of dogs rockin’ their Doggles on both bikes and cars.

Aero Stitch looks incredibly cool in his Doggles

Nothing's better than cruising with the window down

Miss Maya makes those pink Doggles look stunning

Steve wants you to acknowledge his stunning appearance

Objects in Mirror are cooler than they appear

Every pup in Doggles knows they look fantastic

The more we looked, the more incredible canines we found! There were plenty of dogs enjoying their newfound Doggles outside and enjoying the weather. Case in point, this handsome gentleman below sporting them at a baseball game!

Doggles work for every outdoor situation

And you’ll never find a shortage of cute Pugs on Twitter or Instagram!

Who doesn't love a cute pug?

No matter what breed of dog, Doggles work

Doggles even come in reflective finishes!

Summer without shades? Not a thing

"Why, yes, I'm gorgeous"

When you love something THIS much, why take them off inside? As the popular song goes, “I wear my sunglasses at night.” Well, you can sport your shades insides, too. Who’s going to judge?

Doggles inside, outside, and everywhere in-between

Bobby knows he's too cool for school

Yep, it's the perfect look for any time

Sometimes, you need a little break from things

No matter how or where a dog sports their Doggles, we support this becoming a trend for all dogs. Even the ones that don’t have cataract issues!

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