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10 Celebs That Love Their Pets as Much as We Do

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10 Celebs That Love Their Pets as Much as We Do

Celebs; they’re just like us, right? Here’s a glimpse at celebs who appear to be equally obsessed with their fur babies as we are. And rightfully so. From Taylor Swift’s cute Scottish Fold to Lady Gaga’s tribe of Frenchies, Miley Cyrus’s rescue dogs (and a pig, alike) to Karl Lagerfeld’s First Class seatmate Choupette. Have you SEEN this many cute dogs and cats in a post together?! You’re welcome.

Taylor Swift

Scroll through Taylor Swift’s Instagram and you’ll catch a glimpse of her adorable blue-eyed cat baby Olivia Benson, named after Mariska Hargitay’s character on Law & Order: SVU! Recognize those ears? She’s a Scottish Fold!

And she sits in a funny way, too…

Ed Sheeran

Taylor Swift’s not the only one with a Scottish Fold! Ed Sheeran has a pair of cats who seem to get into quite a bit of trouble, per Sheeran’s Instagram.

Cara Delevigne

Cara Delevigne rescued her Husky crossbreed Leo in 2015 and has been in several glamorous Instagram photos with her pooch since!

Miley Cyrus

Sharing a bed with a bunch of dogs is just like any other day for Miley Cyrus, who has a total of 13(!) pets. She’s rescued several dogs, cats, and even a pig!

Liam Hemsworth

Clearly, Liam’s just as much of a fan of animals as Miley!

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga herself has a house full of French Bulldogs named Koji, Miss Asia, and Gustav. Doesn’t get cuter than this!

Karl Lagerfeld

Karl Lagerfeld’s cat Choupette has her own Instagram with 86.9K followers! And apparently she’s a regular in First Class.

Olivia Palermo

Olivia Palermo has TWO pieces of arm candy: her model husband Johannes Huebl and her adorable little pup, Mr. Butler. (Is that not the cutest name ever?!) Lucky girl!

Marc Jacobs

The only one nearly as famous as Marc Jacobs is Neville Jacobs, his bull terrier who has garnered 193K followers on his own Instagram account and just came out with a coffee table book this past September called Neville Jacobs: I’m Marc’s Dog, full of styled photos and cute candid shots of Neville and his owner.

Chrissy Teigen

John Legend and Chrissy Teigen have a few little ones at home! Here’s their most recent addition, Petey, the Poodle. In addition, you’ll spot the couple’s two Frenchies, Pippa and Penny in various Instagram photos.

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