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Uber for Poop Goes Too Far: Not Everything Should Be On Demand

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We all know that the demand economy, from Uber to Seamless, has changed our lives irrevocably.  And now everybody is trying desperately to come with the next “it’s like Uber, but for _____” company these days.  It wasn’t too long ago that people were boasting of their new start up that was “like BirchBox, but for _____” or “like Facebook, but for ____.”  Now, we’re all fans of entrepreneurs here, but one company has gone too far in the on demand space.  It’s called Pooper and it’s like Uber, but for dog poop.  Yes, dog poop. There are so many issues with this that it’s hard to even count.

Pooper Homepage First Image
Pooper Homepage First Image

First, who is so lazy that they won’t pick up their dog’s poop?  And if you’re too lazy to pick up your dog’s poop, how on earth can you be expected to take a picture of it (yes, you have to do this in order to get it picked up), take a picture of it, and pay somebody to do it for you!  It seems to us that if you’re already too lazy to pick up your own dog’s poop, then you’re probably just going leave it for other people to deal with (and no fee!).

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Second, it is going to take time for these poop-gathering contractors to get the poop.  In the meantime, people are going to be seeing, smelling, and stepping on dog poo all over the place.  This app is really just going to make some people’s lives easier at the expense of many others.

Third, if you don’t enjoy picking up your dog’s poop, then don’t have a dog!  It is part of the responsibility of a pet owner.  It may not be the most glamorous thing, but everyone else is doing their part.  Anyone unwilling to pick up their dog’s mess is disrespecting the dog and not to mention everyone else who has to deal with said mess.

Hopefully Mashable is right in calling this “probably a fake app.” Their promotional video treads the line between an SNL skit and an actual commercial, so it’s pretty hard to tell.

There’s also the fact that the site has no contact info and all of their slots for new scoopers are full.  Either way, even as a hoax, it isn’t even that funny.

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