A Dog Photobombing the Pope is the Best Vatican Picture Ever

Everywhere the Pope goes, people are clamoring to take pictures with him.  After all, this is someone whose followers believe he is infallible and the voice of God.  Who wouldn’t want a picture with God?  Well, apparently even dogs want a piece of the Pope action, something that was on full display when a dog photobombed the Pope last week.

Apparently a dog training group was gathered at Saint Peter’s Square along with throngs of people hoping to catch a glimpse of the Pope.  A dog owner that was part of the training group decided to hold up his dog while the Pope was doing his rounds.  The dog clearly knew what was happening since he made the biggest dog smile you’ve ever seen while posing for the shot.

Twitter user @sreidy95 has it right – if you are having a bad day, this can only make it better:

Luckily, the Pope didn’t mind and went on to bless and pet some of the dogs.


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