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Month: May 2021 

Dog Baby Yoda costumes are the perfect canine photo ops

Baby Yoda Dog Costumes: Bringing Out The Child in Your Canine

Fans of The Mandalorian instantly recognize images of The Child (better known as Baby Yoda). And any excuse to add that adorable little alien around your house can't get missed. Which is why stumbling upon precious dog Baby Yoda costumes is so lucky. We have them - suitable for every canine shape and size!
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Dog carrier backpacks give pups a better vantage point

Best Dog Carrier Backpacks For Every Traveling Canine Need

You and your dog love to travel. But standard carriers? While safe, they don't offer the best view. And they may not be comfortable for you to carry for an extended length of time. That's where dog carrier backpacks come in. Your pup can see everything you do, while remaining comfy. And you stay just as comfortable! We have the top styles to choose from, for every dog personality.
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Indoor dog houses help reduce anxiety

Indoor Dog Houses: Comfy Inside Spaces For Your Favorite Canine

Everyone's familiar with outdoor dog houses. They provide shelter and warmth for canines that spend time outside. But what about a comfy retreat inside? That's important, too. And we have the perfect solution with these indoor dog houses you (and your dog!) are sure to love.
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Dog slow feeders are important tools for keeping your pup safe

Dog Slow Feeders: Preventing Canine Food Gulping

Some dogs take their time with meals, savoring every bite. But others treat dinner as a racing competition. And that gulping behavior can lead to severe health problems. Rather than taking time out to offer tiny meals throughout the day, you can use dog slow feeders. These nifty training tools teach your pup to eat at a better pace, keeping them safe.
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Canned dog food is often a canine favorite

Best Canned Dog Food to Offer Your Pup Plenty of Variety

Cats may win the award for being finicky eaters, but dogs appreciate variety in their diets, too. Even if they love their usual kibble, the addition of an occasional canned dog food is always appreciated. And it helps introduce critical moisture into their daily routine. We'll go over some of the top canned dog food options on the market and what to look for when you start shopping.
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Dog dewormers work on a variety of intestinal parasites

Dog Dewormers: When Parasites Invade Canine Stomachs

Nothing tends to make people more squeamish than discussion of parasites - especially the kind that live in the GI tract. But dogs often pick up these pesky invaders from the environment. And, left untreated, your pup can end up severely ill. You CAN find dog dewormers available over-the-counter, but you need to think carefully about reaching for them. We'll go over everything you need to know about these parasites and how to get rid of them.
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Retractable dog gates can keep your dog from dangerous areas

Retractable Dog Gates: Keeping Canines Safe and Secure

If you have a new puppy or an adventurous dog, you're probably familiar with dog gates. They can bar entry to areas of the house. But not every gate is easy to cope with. Some are heavy to lift out of the way. Others you have to step over all the time. And if you want to move one out of the way? Tension poles can get tricky. That's where retractable dog gates come in handy. And we have some of the top options on the market.
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Dog-proof trash cans keep your pup safe and your house clean

Dog-Proof Trash Cans: Foiling Sneaky Garbage Hounds

No one wants to come home and find the contents of their trash scattered over the floor. But worse is stumbling upon a very sick dog. Plenty of things in the garbage can pose a hazard to curious canines. With dog-proof trash cans, you can solve both problems - while keeping your house looking great at the same time!
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Sensitive stomach dog foods often feature bland flavors

Sensitive Stomach Dog Foods: Meals for Wobbly Tummies

When you have a dog with occasional tummy upsets, you probably blame their food. And there's a good chance you're right. But how do you choose what food to switch to? Wobbly puppy tummies benefit from sensitive stomach dog foods. But there aren't many out there. We'll offer the best options and explain what to look for.
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Dog hair dyes seem harmless, but they're actually dangerous

Dog Hair Dyes: The Truth Behind a Colorful Canine Fad

Once relegated to Halloween, adding touches of color to your dog's natural coat has now become a trend. After all, people change their hair to fun shades all the time. Why not do the same with their canine companions? And while it seems like a fun idea, there are plenty of dangers people don't consider. Dog hair dyes aren't the harmless fad people consider them. And we'll explain why you should avoid them.
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