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37 Cute Puppy Pics from Instagram That Will Melt Your Heart

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When it comes to cute puppy pics, we here at Bone & Yarn have you covered!  We all know the best cute puppy pics come from Instagram, but who wants to wade through all of the junk just to find the best stuff anyway?  Well, the good news is that we’ve done all the work for you and scoured the social media platform for the best cute puppy pics from the past week.  The bad news?  Well, these cute puppy pics are going to break your heart!

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This baby husky can do no wrong with that deep stare and fluffy little ears:


And you definitely can’t go wrong with cute puppy pics of french bull dogs.  This guy is seriously tiny:


A photo posted by Mochi The Little Frenchie (@mochi_little_frenchie) on


This loveable guy gets a #TBT for the first time he met his family:


And another cute #TBT from a loving owner:


We didn’t know about red fox labs, but this guy is adorable:


A roundup of cute puppy pics wouldn’t be complete without an adorable little crosseyed pug, would it?

Cómo no amarlo ??? #pugpuppy #puppy #pug #pet #dog #pugstagram #puglife #beautiful #cancun

A photo posted by Rodolfo Reyes (@rodolfo_lreyes) on


This dog is going to be much bigger some day, but for now he is a ball of cuddles:

??? #dogoargentino #kyra #puppy #instadog #filhote

A photo posted by Kyra ? (@kyradogo) on


Side head tilt gets us every time!


We’re pretty sure his eyes aren’t actually purple, but it suits him well if he’s considering getting an eye color change:

Those eyes ?? no filter needed on this lil beauty! #yorkshireterrier #puppy #yorkie

A photo posted by Katie Miller (@katiem__x) on


Cute puppy pics don’t get better than when the little guy’s head is enormous compared to his body:


Another #TBT of a this guy’s first “professional modeling shoot”:


This baby lab is SO lovable!


They grow up so fast, don’t they?


We’re pretty sure this puppy is ready to kill someone for that meat!


Cute puppy pics get better when you get two for the price of one:


Sadness = cuteness when it comes to cute puppies:

#tbt to a few months ago when I was just a little guy. ?#thegoodolddays #labsofinstagram #yellowlab #puppy

A photo posted by Jackson Duck Dale II Shondell (@jacks_shondell) on


His eyes are mesmerizing!

#rottweilers #puppy #cute #amaze #slrphotography

A photo posted by ANSHUL RAJ (@anshul6709) on


The #srslycute hashtag pretty much sums this one up:


Whatever he’s asking for, he’ll definitely get with that face!

Soaking up some sun ? @barkmode

A photo posted by Saftey is our top priorty! (@barkmode) on


Is that guy on the left for real?  He almost looks like a stuffed animal he’s so perfectly cute:


This husky is the epitome of cuteness:

Beautiful husky ? @barkmode

A photo posted by Saftey is our top priorty! (@barkmode) on


Looks like he’s going for his first run!

Follow us for more!! @barkmode

A photo posted by Saftey is our top priorty! (@barkmode) on


When they stare at you like that, what can you do but say “awwww”


A lost love?  A broken heart?  Who knows, but he’s adorable nonetheless:


A beautiful little dachshund baby with her mama:



? | Photography by @staygoldenrustyboy

A photo posted by Animals ( on


This baby cavalier is just asking for love:


Border collie babies couldn’t be any cuter, and you get three for one in one of our favorite cute puppy pics:


French bulldog puppy in a sink, does it get better than that?


Those tiny twig legs!

When you’re just totally owning da beach at hoomans new work space ?? #TheCityIsMyCastle #OwningIt #OfficeDog

A photo posted by Royal Highness Princess Nala (@princessnalathefirst) on


Baby pitbulls are apparently much less intimidating than their grown up versions:


This guy definitely wins the cute puppy pics pose of the week:


Does it get fluffier than this:


This lab has got a real winning smile, doesn’t he?


Careful little guy, don’t slip on that wood flooring!

can we go run in the sun? ☀️

A photo posted by M I L A B E A R (@mila__bear) on


Not sure how many people are using the hashtag #ChineseCrestedPowderPuff, but we love it!

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