This is What You Get When You Push a Cat Around

We don’t condone violence against children, or any living beings for that matter.  But if there were ever a time to celebrate a boy getting smacked around by an animal, this might be it.  Because messing with a dog or cat is just unfair – you’re bigger and stronger, so what kind of bully are you trying to be!?

The video starts innocently enough – the kid gives a few taps to the side of his cat’s face.  But things turn violent pretty quickly.  Soon the boy starts smacking the cat’s face left and right.  You can see the cute little orange and white tabby start to get really pissed.  He takes the blows like a champ and looks for an opening to teach this kid a lesson.  He finds one and BOOM, knocks the kid straight to his back.  The best part is the kid’s mom cracking up in the background as he’s getting roughed up by an animal one fifth his size!




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