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Month: October 2020 

Best Puppy Training Pads for Every Need

People have multiple reasons for reaching for puppy training pads: their living conditions, the size of their dog, their dog's health, THEIR health, the weather. If you have a unique situation and have wondered about using puppy training pads, this is the post for you!
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10 Best Cat Shampoos, from All-Natural to Waterless Options

These cat shampoos are gentle on your cat's fur. Choose from shampoo with natural ingredients, waterless options or medicated alternatives.
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Best Washable Dog Beds to Keep Your Doggo’s Space Feeling Fresh

Nothing is worse than the distinct odor of unwashed dog bed. It permeates the house until you drop the bed in the wash. But if you don't have a washable dog bed - a dog bed geared for friendly cleaning - this seemingly simple task might not be so simple.
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The Best Dog Toothpaste to Keep Your Dog’s Teeth Clean

Did you know your dog's dental health relates to their overall health? Bacteria in the mouth can enter the bloodstream, impacting the liver, kidneys, and heart. This makes brushing your dog's teeth with a quality dog toothpaste critical.
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Best Small Dog Beds: These Beds Are Made for Your Smaller Breed

Finding the best dog bed becomes particularly important if you have a small breed dog. Little dogs have special requirements, and not just size. After all, a lot of small breed dogs came from royalty. That means they deserve nothing but the best.
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Best Dog Beds For Chewers That Will Last 2020

Ever opened your door to an explosion of stuffing and fabric? You swore there was a dog bed in there when you left. Dogs chew their beds for a lot of reasons, and dealing with this habit can seem daunting. Luckily, there are dog beds out there designed just for chewers.
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Best Dog Beds for Large Dogs Because Space Equals Comfort

Sharing a bed with a small dog means snuggling. Sharing a bed with a large dog means sleeping on the floor (maybe the couch). Finding the perfect dog bed for your large breed dog takes some work and concern, but getting to reclaim more than a sliver on your bed is definitely worth it.
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best pet friend weed killers and pesticides

Best Pet-Safe Weed Killers and Pesticides for Pet Safety in 2020

No one likes dealing with weeds or crawling invaders. These noxious pests are the bane of our existence. However, eradicating them puts our pets at risk. Luckily, there are pet-safe weed killers and pesticides on the market to ease your worries.
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best calming dog treats

Best Calming Treats and Chews for Anxious Dogs

Watching our dogs cope with anxiety amps up OUR anxiety. There are a lot of options available to help our canine companions cope, with calming treats and chews topping the list as the most accessible. Before reaching for a treat, though, make sure to read those labels carefully.
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Best Dog Halloween Costumes of 2020

Everyone loves Halloween! Whether you want to coordinate family costumes, have them accompany the kids on Trick or Treat, or just provide a great feature at the party, dog Halloween costumes are a great way to incorporate your canine companions into the fun.
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