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Month: March 2021 

Litter for multiple cats keeps peace within a household

Best Litters for Multiple Cats: Managing Bathroom Traffic Control

When you have more than one cat in a household, everything's a careful balancing act. Do you have enough toys for everyone? Have you spaced out the food and water bowls? Are there litter boxes set out? And then there's the litter. You want a litter that can handle the burden of multiple feline visits every day. We'll go through a list of the best litters for multiple cats to make life easier on everyone.
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Dog food for dogs with allergies may require trial and error

Best Dog Food for Dogs with Allergies: Helping Soothe Skin and Tummies

Allergies in dogs are often complicated. How to find the source? You'll need a steady relationship with your vet. And while food allergies are rare, they DO happen. But finding the right dog food for dogs with allergies is often slow and frustrating. And we'll explain why - and provide a list of some of the top choices.
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Pyoderma in dogs can take time to figure out

Pyoderma in Dogs: When the Itchy and Scratchy Show Turns Real

Your dog's going crazy scratching. You noticed some red patches on their skin, but you thought it was the scratching. Now you notice weird red pumps. And they look DISGUSTING. What's going on? There's a good chance you're dealing with pyoderma. And figuring out the cause? That gets tricky. But with the proper coordination with your vet, you'll get your pup on the road to recovery.
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Brushing a dog's teeth can become a daily routine

How to Brush a Dog’s Teeth: Getting Super Pearly Whites

You know your dog's dental health is important. Maybe you've even picked up the proper tools. But brushing a dog's teeth can feel overwhelming when you first start out. There seem to be so many steps! Not to worry: we're going to break brushing a dog's teeth down into manageable pieces. Before long, your dog will have a brilliant, healthy smile.
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Dog food for German Shepherds needs to meet specific requirements

Best Dog Food for German Shepherds: Keeping Your GSD Trim and Active

Picking out the best dog foods gets tricky for anyone. You want your canine companion to stay healthy and get the most nutrients. But if you have a German Shepherd, you have some extra concerns. They need special dietary breakdowns to keep them healthy and capable of performing their best. Good thing we have the best dog food for German Shepherds for you to choose from!
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Cat carriers are the safest way for kitties to travel

Cat Carriers to Take Your Feline on Adventures

When it's time for your cat to make their annual vet visit, join the family on a vacation road trip, or even accompany you on a long-distance trip, you want them to stay safe. And there's only one cat accessory that does the job: cat carriers. But not every carrier works for every situation. We'll talk you through the different cat carrier available and explain what to look for so your kitty stays safe on their adventures.
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Dog dreams are still mostly a mystery

What Do Dogs Dream About? Are They Really Chasing Rabbits?

At least once or twice, you've probably noticed your dog twitching or making sounds in their sleep. Maybe they even start running. You're pretty sure they're dreaming - but about what? Dog dreams have mystified owners - and scientists - for years. But we're going to offer some answers as to what those dog dreams might contain.
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Dogs tilt their heads for a number of reasons

Why Do Dogs Tilt Their Heads? Is There More to This Cute Pose?

Nothing melts your heart faster than when your dog (or any dog, for that matter) tilts their head to the side and looks up at you with that quizzical expression. It's the most adorable pose in the canine repertoire. You feel compelled to rush for the camera, or treats - or both. But why do dogs tilt their heads? Is it nothing more than doggie charm? Or is there something else going on? We'll get into all of the details of this cuteness.
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Dogs licking people has more meanings than you may think

Why Do Dogs Lick People? The Science Behind Doggie Kisses

Is there anything cuter than doggie kisses? Well, for some people the answer's a resounding, "Yes." Other people don't mind so much. But why is dogs licking people such a big deal? What drives our canine companions to slobber on swipe us with their tongues? Is it really nothing more than affection, or is there something else at work? We'll dig into the science behind this behavior to give you answers.
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Dog yawning doesn't have to indicate boredom

Why Do Dogs Yawn? Does It Always Mean Doggie Boredom?

Yawns in humans have plenty of theories - but none of them have concrete proof as of yet. Plenty of people think they represent sleepiness or boredom. So when you see your dog yawning, you start to wonder what it might mean. Dogs aren't getting bored with us - are they? We'll get the bottom of dog yawning for you to clear things up.
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