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The 20 Best Dog Puzzle Toys to Keep Your Pooch Happy and Healthy

Our team independently researches and recommends the best pet products for you and your furry friends. Note: This post may contain affiliate links.


Although this game’s name may suggest your pup will have to learn his colors and be a contortionist, DogTwister is actually an interactive game that gives your dog’s brain a mental workout. The durable plastic “pie” pieces can each be removed to hide your pup’s favorite treats. Once filled, your dog can move the pieces in both directions to uncover his reward. The heavy-duty plastic bones can also have treats placed under them for an extra dose of puzzle fun. Plus, to make the board more challenging, the pie pieces can be locked into place by plastic bone pegs. This dog puzzle toy is sure to keep your canine entertained for hours.

Dogit Mind Games

Recommended for small to medium-size dogs, the Dogit Mind Games 3-in-1 Interactive puzzle toy is sure to give your dog a thrill. It comes with three different tasks;

  • Hide n’ Seek. The dog has to dislodge the tops to gain his reward.
  • Spin-the-Wheel. The dog has to nudge a wheel around the board to uncover his treats.
  • Sliding Puzzle. The dog has to move the pieces around the board to reveal the treats.

The whole unit is made from durable pet-friendly material with suction cups on the base to help keep it in place. Tons of fun for both you and your pooch.
Dogit Mind Games Dog Puzzle Toy

Trixie Pet Products Windmill

Are you looking for a toy to start your puppy off on simple training? Then the Trixie Pet Products Windmill may be just what you need. This cute windmill comes placed on a sturdy base with four beakers to hold your dog’s favorite treats. Once your pup has mastered the turning of the windmill, you can increase the game’s difficulty by adding lids with different patterns in them (two sets included). This puzzle toy is not only a great way to train your pup but will keep your dog busy when you need to step out of the house.
Trixie pet Products Windmill

Dog Tornado

Another great dog puzzle toy that tops our list is the Dog Tornado. This toy will challenge your dog to use his mental, physical, and scent abilities to move around the four bone-shaped discs to find the 12 hidden chambers of treats within. (Do you sense a trend? Dogs are clearly motivated by food!) And by placing the white plastic “blockers” in some of the compartments, the degree of difficulty increases — perfect for those super-smart pooches. In addition, this fun toy is also made from durable, BPA-free, and food-safe plastic.
Dog Tornado Dog Puzzle Toy

Squeaky Hide and Seek

Perfect for those small to medium-sized dogs that love to “hunt” furry critters, the Squeaky Hide and Seek dog puzzle toy will keep your curious pup busy for hours. This interactive toy comes in three styles; Hedgehogs, Mice and Cheese, and the Chicken Hut. Each toy includes the soft plush den/hut, plus three plush toys to hide in the strategically placed holes.
Squeaky Hide and Seek

Paw Hide Treat Toy

Made by the Outward Hound company, the Paw Hide Treat Toy gives your dog the ability to practice his scent-training and retrieving abilities. This dog puzzle toy comes with six separate compartments that can be filled with various treats or regular dog kibble. The easy-to-grip covers and unit are all made from BPA, PVC, and phthalate-free material to ensure its safe for puppy chewing. This interactive toy is perfect for keeping your dog busy or for slowing those meal-gobblers down. It also comes in two sizes to suit all dogs.

Paw Hide Treat Dog Puzzle Toy

Trixie Mover Toy

Is your dog super-smart? Then the Trixie Mover Toy may be just what you need to keep his brain busy. The puzzle toy comes with four levels that all use different techniques to find the hidden treats.

  • Game 1; Lift the cones straight up to find the treats
  • Game 2: Pull open drawers using rope handles
  • Game 3: Push slider to find the treat
  • Game 4: Push a knob to open the treat drawer

The Trixie Mover dog puzzle toy is sure to keep your bored pooch busy for a long time.
Trixie Mover Dog Puzzle Toy

Star Spinner

With three levels and 10 chambers to hide treats in, the Star Spinner dog puzzle toy is going to be a hit with your canine companion. Fill the levels and compartments with your dog’s favorite treats or kibble, and let the fun begin. Your dog will learn how to paw and nose the Star Spinner to get at those tasty morsels. Plus, when he has figured the toy out, you can adjust the knob to make it a bit more challenging. Dog puzzle toys like this allow you to keep things fresh and new for your favorite furry friend.
Star Spinner

Dog Dizzy

What could be more fun for a dog than a ball? A ball that dispenses yummy treats, that’s what! The Dog Dizzy ball has a weighted bottom, so even though it will wobble back and forth, it will always stop in an upright position. With each twist and turn of this fun puzzle toy, your dog will be rewarded with a yummy treat from the dispensing hole on the side of the unit. Loads of fun for pups that need to be entertained while the pet parent is away.
Dog Dizzy Dog Puzzle Toy

Jigsaw Glider

This dog puzzle toy is going to take some thinking on your pooch’s part. The Jigsaw Glider is designed so your dog will have to paw apart the outer pieces to retrieve his reward. The second part requires him to nuzzle the middle puzzle piece forward and back in the opposite direction to locate the treats. With four separate food chambers, your dog will be kept busy for a while while he tries to solve the puzzle!
Jigsaw Glider Dog Puzzle Toy

Dog Chess

Dog Chess is one challenging dog puzzle toy, not unlike the real game of Chess. Your dog must learn different skills and techniques to unlock his prizes hidden in the chambers below. The three levels of play include;

  • Level 1: Pushing sliders
  • Level 2: Second row can have stacked sliders to move in the opposite direction.
  • Level 3: Added cones that must be lifted out to unblock the sliders

This unit is made from durable materials with non-slip rubber feet to keep it all in place. It also comes with a booklet with tips and tricks to help guide you and your pup throughout the game.
Dog Chess

Dog Treat Maze

It rocks, bops, and spins. So much interactive fun to keep your pup thinking and playing. The Dog Treat Maze works by dropping a treat at the top of the game and allowing your pup to paw, sniff, and spin the unit to get the treat out. The sturdy puzzle is made from BPA-free, pet-safe materials and is ideal for bored dogs or those just starting in their training.
Dog Treat Maze Dog Puzzle Toy

Buster Dog Maze

The Buster Dog Maze dishwasher-safe interactive dog puzzle is ideal for those canines that tend to gobble up their kibble at mealtimes. Fill the maze with your dog’s dry kibble and watch him work the puzzle bowl to get his food out. It comes in two sizes and five different colors to stimulate his senses, and it can be used both indoors and outdoors.
Buster Dog Maze

Slow Feed Ball

The rows of jagged “teeth” on this dog puzzle are perfect for not only slowing those fast eaters down, but the unique design will also help reduce tartar buildup on your pet’s teeth and gums. In addition, the durable Slow Feed Ball has a minty scent and flavor which will freshen your dog’s breath with each play session.
Slow Feed Ball Dog Puzzle Toy

Slide n’ Snacks

This interactive dog puzzle is made to keep your dog from destroying the chew toy out of boredom. Its twisty design allows you to slide on your dog’s favorite chew or rawhide ring for hours of safe chewing fun. The Slide n’ Snacks is perfect for teething puppies or those dogs that tend to get destructive when presented with long hours of boredom.Slide n' Snacks Dog Puzzle Toy

Planet Dog Mazee

Made in the USA by the Planet Dog company, the Mazee is a clear ball with a clever maze of plastic inside to keep your dog pawing and tumbling this interactive puzzle toy. Pop your pooch’s favorite treat in the hole and watch him work it to solve the treat maze. This toy is also buoyant to double as a fetch toy in the water, and it has a minty taste to help keep Fido’s breath smelling fine.
Planet Dog Mazee

Seek-A-Treat Shuffle Bone Dog Puzzle

This wooden doggy IQ puzzle is sure to bring out the brainiac in your pooch. The bone-shaped board has 10 holes for hiding treats and six sliding disks to help challenge your dog to find the treats in the right holes. Dog puzzle toys like this are a great way to encourage crate training and to keep your dog busy while you are away from home.
Seek-a-Treat Wooden Bone Dog Puzzle

Wooly Snuffle Mat

Give your dog the chance to use its natural foraging instincts with the Wooly Snuffle Mat. This puzzle toy is made from upcycled, durable, and machine washable materials that will withstand your pooch’s scratching and pawing actions. It’s fun and easy to use. Sprinkle your pup’s favorite treats among the “grass-like” material and let the fun begin.
Wooly Snuffle Mat

Zanies Puzzle Station Jack & Ball Toys

These dog puzzle toys can be used separately or together. The four-shoot jack station can be filled with your dog’s favorite treats and will work their way through the toy as your dog chews and paws at it. You can add the specially designed “Jack” ball (sold separately) for added mental stimulation, which also has a hollow center for hiding those special yummies. Block all the ends with the balls or leave some open for an extra challenge.
Zanies Dog Puzzle Toy Jack and Ball

Mix Max Treat Puzzle

This dog puzzle toy is designed as a training aid to help teach your canine companion how to nose, nuzzle and turn the pieces in the maze to get the reward. In addition, this puzzle toy can have other game boards added to it to create a whole new level of retrieving fun. It is made from durable, pet-safe materials, so you can rest assured that your pooch is protected.
Mix Max Treat Puzzle Dog Puzzle Toy


Now that we’ve covered the 20 best dog puzzle toys, there’s no reason for you to have an inactive canine companion. Mentally stimulating our dogs is just as important as a healthy diet and lots of love, so grab one of these interactivedog puzzle toys to keep your pooch from becoming bored and destructive and to give his brain a vigorous workout.

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