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Tabby cat names allow you to explore plenty of creativity

Tabby Cat Names: 118 Names for Felines With Gorgeous Patterns

With plenty of variety in markings - and color!- tabbies capture the hearts of cat-lovers everywhere. And they're some of the most common felines out there. You see the coat in plenty of breeds. And if you ask most people? They probably share their home with one. And while it's a common coat pattern, that doesn't mean your feline's name needs to be. We have plenty of tabby cat names that break out of the ordinary and capitalize on the unique markings of these sensational felines.
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Calico cat names offer some of the best chances for creativity

Calico Cat Names: 108 Names For Stunning Tri-Colored Felines

Calico cats are gorgeous, combining the colors of orange, black, and white. And no two calicos are ever the same! It's a rare coat color that deserves a stunning and spectacular name to match the uniqueness of their coat. Good thing we have some of the best calico cat names for you to choose from!
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Brown dog names don't need to follow expected patterns

Brown Dog Names: 109 Names That Avoid the Everyday

Brown's a fairly common color for dogs. It shows up in a number of breeds, and there are plenty of variations in the shade. Does that mean you should settle for an ordinary name? Of course not! We have plenty of unexpected brown dog names for you to peruse and break the ho-hum mold.
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PAW Patrol names are popular with kids who love the show

PAW Patrol Names: “Mighty Pups are Ready to Go!”

"No job is too big, no pup is too small!" If you know kids who are fans of PAW Patrol, you've probably heard plenty of names thrown out at you. Do you have any idea who they are? Are the characters a mystery to you? As you bring new dogs into the home, the odds are your kids will want to help with the naming process. And PAW Patrol names are a HUGE deal with the younger age groups. If you want to come across as a "cool parent," we'll make sure you know who all of the characters are - and where those name suggestions are coming from!
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Orange cat names have a lot of unique possibilites

Orange Cat Names: 157 Names for Reds, Gingers, and Marmalades

Orange tabbies have reputations for bold, out-going personalities - a match to their vibrant coats. They're not the most common cats on the ground, though. With such bright colors and demands for affection, you want to make sure you choose the perfect name that reflects those qualities. Luckily for you, we've collected to best and brightest (get it?) orange cat names to choose from!
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White cat names should conjure a sense of mystery

White Cat Names: 90 Names for the Rarest Feline Color

Finding a solid white cat isn't the easiest task in the world. They're one of the rarest coat colors in the feline world. So when you find yourself with an icy kitten in your home, you know you have something special. And something that precious demands an equally-precious name. Good thing we have white cat names that reflect the unique quality of your kitty!
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White dog names don't have to fall into the overused patterns

White Dog Names: 94 Names That are Out of the Ordinary

How many times have you seen a white dog and immediately thought of a name beginning with the word "snow"? (You can be honest) It's a common pattern, but we're diverting from the normal. These gorgeous canines deserve something unique and unexpected. If you agree, take a look through these white dog names - without a single "snow" in the bunch!
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Black dog names help your pup stand out from the pack

Black Dog Names: 111 Names to Defeat “Black Dog Syndrome”

The black coat color is one of the most popular in dog breeds. You see it show up everywhere. Yet these pups often find themselves languishing in shelters and rescues. To help get these gorgeous canines into loving homes, shelter workers choose some of the best black dog names they can. And with this list in hand, you can do the same!
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Black and white cat names come from their stunning patterns

Black and White Cat Names: 107 Ideas for Dapper Tuxedoes

When you let a tuxedo cat into your life, you know you're in for fun. With one of the most interesting coat patterns in the cat world, you're spoiled for inspirational choice. These magnificent kitties are fun and adorable, all at the same time! And if you're looking for the best black and white cat names, we have the perfect starting point!
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Black cat names are often expected, but you can go special

Black Cat Names: 108 Ideas to Embrace Your Miniature Panther

You just brought home a tiny black panther. Now comes the tricky part: what to name your little sable friend. You have TONS of options. When it comes to black cat names, you can go expected or you can find a name that strikes out of the blue. We have suggestions to get the naming creativity flowing!
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