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best dog paw balm

11 Best Dog Paw Balms of 2022: Reviewed by Experts

Your dog's feet experience A LOT of different conditions: temperature, pavement, hiking trails, and even grass. And with a determination to stay active and play, they won't slow down for something like cracked paw pads. It's up to you to pick up on the signs that something's wrong. When you see dry, cracked paw pads, you want to reach for one of these dog paw balms to soothe the aches away.
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Protect a dog's paws in harsh winter conditions

5 Ways to Protect a Dog’s Paws in Winter (And Other Winter-Proof Ideas!)

Winter's a fun time - for dogs and people. But it's also harsh on health. You want to keep your pup safe and healthy. And we have some handy tips to do just that, even if you live in the worst winter conditions.
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