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Dog wipes work for grooming between baths

Best Dog Wipes to Keep Your Dog Fresh and Clean

It IS possible to go overboard on dog baths. You can dry out your dog's skin which leads to infection. If your dog's prone to rolling in the dirt, or even has special medical conditions, dog wipes provide a compromise. Your dog gets clean without needing a bath every other day.
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Cat shampoos help when your feline needs some extra hygiene help

10 Best Cat Shampoos, from All-Natural to Waterless Options

These cat shampoos are gentle on your cat's fur. Choose from shampoo with natural ingredients, waterless options or medicated alternatives.
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Bathe your dog without causing a fuss

How to Bathe Your Dog with Minimal Fuss (For Everyone)

When that dog smell permeates the house, it means just one thing: bath time! Bathing your dog shouldn't be stressful for you or your dog. If you follow a simple process, you and your dog should come through a bath with minimal fuss and stress.
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