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Month: August 2020 

Kitten care is important for everyone in the house to review

Kitten Care for Newly-Minted Cat Moms and Dads to Review

The Internet assures us that the world LOVES kittens. Bringing a new kitten into the home is a lot of work, though. There's so much to do and remember! This handy guide provides everything you need to know in regards to proper kitten care.
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After-spay care keeps your dog safe and healthy

After-Spay Care for Dogs to Keep Your Pup Healthy

Spays are routine procedures. However, after-spay care involves a lot of responsibility to ensure your dog doesn't face serious complications. While those pages of instructions might seem daunting, after-care is relatively easy. You just need to take a breath and break things down into a few simple categories.
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Bathe your dog without causing a fuss

How to Bathe Your Dog with Minimal Fuss (For Everyone)

When that dog smell permeates the house, it means just one thing: bath time! Bathing your dog shouldn't be stressful for you or your dog. If you follow a simple process, you and your dog should come through a bath with minimal fuss and stress.
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Dog's ear infection naturally - recipes to help the pain

How to Treat Your Dog’s Ear Infection Naturally at Home

You're pretty sure your dog has an ear infection, but you can't get to your vet (for whatever reason). You don't want the pain to continue. Is there a safe way to treat their pain naturally before that vet visit? You bet!
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Dog breeds for cats aren't impossible to find

Best Dog Breeds for Cats to Make a Happy Mixed Species Home

Despite the phrase "fighting like cats and dogs," there's no reason you can't incorporate dogs into a cat household. There are just some breeds that work better than others. If you want to bring a dog into your feline household, these are the best dog breeds out there.
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When you need to learn how to potty train a puppy on pads, bring your patience

Here’s How to Potty Train a Puppy on Puppy Pads

A new puppy in the house brings a lot of emotion. And if they aren't housebroken, you have potentially weeks of potty training ahead of you. Pack your patience, some puppy training pads, and get ready to tackle this necessity of owning a puppy.
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Your dog is lethargic - now what?

What Does It Mean When Your Dog is Lethargic? Looking For Clues

Lethargy is a wide-ranging symptom, found with so many medical conditions. However, your dog's lethargy may not mean a lurking medical condition. How do you tell when it's time to hit the vet?
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Can dogs take NSAIDs like Aspirin and Ibuprofen?

Can Dogs Take NSAIDs Like Aspirin and Ibuprofen?

No one wants to see their beloved canine companion in pain. And the vet's office may not always have an appointment available right away. You could visit an emergency vet (they're expensive), or you could look at your medicine cabinet. But you may pause to wonder: Can dogs take NSAIDs like aspirin and Ibuprofen? And the answer's a resounding NO! Those medications aren't safe for dogs. And we'll explain why.
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My dog's nose is dry

What Does it Mean When a Dog’s Nose is Dry? When to Worry

The Old Wives' Tale states that a dog's nose is supposed to be cold and wet if they're healthy. But it turns out your dog can have a warm, dry nose and have nothing wrong with them. So when should you be worried if your dog's nose is dry?
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Clicker training for cats is easy

Clicker Training for Cats to Tame the Wild Feline Within

Does your cat scratch the furniture? Climb everything in sight? Or maybe you just want a way to strengthen the bond between the two of you. Clicker training your cat provides the answers to all of those situations. With a few supplies, and a little know-how, you, too, can train your cat!
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