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Day: March 22, 2021 

The best dog movies leave you feeling brighter and happier

Best Dog Movies: 22 Films for You and Your Canine to Share

When you've had a rough day, nothing beats curling up on the couch with a good movie. And when your favorite dog snuggles up beside you, the day's complete. So why not turn on one of the best dog movies so both of you can enjoy the flick? We've collected to top dog movies for everyone, so you're sure to find a film - no matter your mood.
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Squeaky toys are some of the most popular dog toys

Why Do Dogs Like Squeaky Toys? Explaining the Noise

There are hundreds of types of dog toys out there - and odds are your dog has at least a dozen stashed away. (Who wants ONE type?) But if you had to guess which is your dog's absolute favorite, what would come out on top? Probably some form of squeaky toy. Squeaky toys thrill dogs, whether they're rubber chews or soft plush. Why, though? What makes squeaky toys so popular with canines? We're going to get into all of the possible explanations.
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