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Day: February 10, 2021 

White cat names should conjure a sense of mystery

White Cat Names: 90 Names for the Rarest Feline Color

Finding a solid white cat isn't the easiest task in the world. They're one of the rarest coat colors in the feline world. So when you find yourself with an icy kitten in your home, you know you have something special. And something that precious demands an equally-precious name. Good thing we have white cat names that reflect the unique quality of your kitty!
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White dog names don't have to fall into the overused patterns

White Dog Names: 94 Names That are Out of the Ordinary

How many times have you seen a white dog and immediately thought of a name beginning with the word "snow"? (You can be honest) It's a common pattern, but we're diverting from the normal. These gorgeous canines deserve something unique and unexpected. If you agree, take a look through these white dog names - without a single "snow" in the bunch!
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