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Ryan Lochte’s Dog Turns 8 Every Year on October 23rd

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The world first got to know Ryan Lochte as the second most famous swimmer on the US Olympic swimming team, a consequence of being teammates with one of the greatest swimmers and one of the greatest Olympians ever, Michael Phelps.

Lochte never would have become an even bigger household name, however, if it weren’t for the fact that he was caught red handed in a lie about getting mugged in Brazil after a night out partying.  It turns out that Lochte and his American teammates weren’t really robbed by thugs dressed as police officers.  They had actually been caught by security guards when Lochte and crew were relieving themselves outside of a gas station.  The incident became known as “Lochtegate” and probably led Ryan to greater fame than he would have had for just swimming (including his recent casting in Dancing with the Stars).

Well, it isn’t that Ryan Locthe is simply bad at lying, he just isn’t the sharpest spoon in the drawer.  Check out some of these hilarious interview moments from Lochte’s career:

And these:

But Lochte might have outdone himself yesterday when he accidentally revealed that he had no idea how old his dog was….for the third year in a row.

The astute Twitter user @wholegrainne, who describes herself as a “full-time doodler, part-time Canadian,” noticed a minor inconsistency in a recent Locthe tweet celebrating his dog’s eighth birthday

Lochte was making the kind gesture of wishing his dog, Carter, a happy birthday by posting a picture of him, something that a lot of pet owners do.  No problem there.  The only issue is that Lochte had already celebrated Carter’s eighth birthday last year on the same date.  And the year before that in 2014.  So somewhere between 2014 and today, Lochte lost track of his dog’s real age.  For all we know, he could have been celebrating poor Carter’s eighth birthday ever year for the past 10 years.

After @wholegrainne‘s tweet garnered thousands of likes and re-tweets, Lochte soon changed the original tweet, clarifying that it was now Carter’s ninth birthday.

Unfortunately, it seems that this only confused people more, since it didn’t account for the fact that Carter had still already celebrated two eighth birthdays

Apparently there were plenty of people who didn’t mind at all and congratulated Carter on being nine, or ten, or whatever he is

However old Carter is, we wish him the best and can’t wait for his eighth birthday next year!

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