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Day: May 12, 2021 

Dog hair dyes seem harmless, but they're actually dangerous

Dog Hair Dyes: The Truth Behind a Colorful Canine Fad

Once relegated to Halloween, adding touches of color to your dog's natural coat has now become a trend. After all, people change their hair to fun shades all the time. Why not do the same with their canine companions? And while it seems like a fun idea, there are plenty of dangers people don't consider. Dog hair dyes aren't the harmless fad people consider them. And we'll explain why you should avoid them.
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Dog reverse sneezes can be difficult to understand

Dog Reverse Sneezes: What IS That Crazy Sound?

You know what your dog's usual sneeze sounds like. And you may have heard an occasional cough thrown in there a time or two. But some dogs add in an unusual string of rapid inhalations that sound like nothing you can quite describe. Is it a sneeze? Not quite. These dog reverse sneezes often frighten owners. Good thing we have all of the information you could want about them!
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