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Day: February 3, 2021 

Don't let the cost to spay or neuter a dog frighten you

The Cost to Spay or Neuter a Dog: Breaking Things Down

You know the importance of spaying or neutering your dog (or perhaps you don't). It's a medical procedure, though, so you know there's a price tag involved. You may not understand the cost to spay or neuter a dog - or what goes into that price tag. If you have question, we have answers.
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The Border Collie lifespan falls into the average range, but they have health concerns

Border Collie Lifespan: Helping This Active Breed Meet Their Potential

Border Collies rank as the smartest dog breed. They're also incredibly active, requiring daily tasks and large farms or yards to run around on. And failing to engage their minds or activity needs, you could find yourself confronting the low end of the Border Collie lifespan.
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